New Book Claims Irish Have Egyptian Ancestry

Are the Irish descended from the pharaohs of Egypt? According to a new book, the ancient Egyptians established a colony in Ireland 3,500 years ago, after landing in Co. Kerry.

The invaders were led by Princess Scota (scotia), the daughter of a pharaoh who fled her native land, according to Lorraine Evans, an Egyptologist and author of Kingdom of the Ark,

According to the book, Scota fought the Irish in the battle of Slieve Mish. She was killed and buried in a valley of Scota's Glen, Tralee.

Ancient Irish text contain several references to a Princess Scota, daughter of a pharaoh.  daughter of Akhenaten and a half-sister of Tutankhamen. Meritaten disappeared from Egypt around the time that Princess Scota is said to have landed in Kerry.

The Times / London via Fox News | By Jan Battles - August 22 2000





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