Molahiffe Castlefarm, was build in 1809 by Eugene O'Mahony. A three storey house with chimneys at each gable end. The remains of Molahiffe Castle stand near the entrance gate. Built in 1215 by Norman invaders as they moved up the river Maine, Molahiffe was along with Castlemaine, Currow and Castleisland, an important stronghold. Around 300 yards to the west of Castlefarm House, within the Molahiffe graveyard walls, stands the eastern gable of a 12th century church sacked by Cromwell's soldiers in 1652. The ruins of a pre-Norman McCarty stronghold can be seen nearby. In the 1260's the McCarthy's took the Castle and remained there until 1589 when Valentine Browne confiscated their lands as part of the Munster Plantation. The castle was wrecked in 1598 by Irish Rebels.

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Firies, Ballyhar Parish


The Marian Hall


C.A. meetings: 2nd Tuesday of every month
Whist Drive: every Wednesday night in the Marian Hall at 9.15 pm.
31 Card Drive: every Friday night in the Marian Hall at 9.15 pm.
31 Card Drive: every Saterday night at Farranfore G.A.A. Hall at 9.15 pm.

Day-Care centre


2nd Tuesday of every month at 1 pm.

Full lunch served to senior citizens and people living alone,

A bus picks up people all over the Parish

Credit Union

Sub-office every Sunday after Mass in the Marian Hall at 12.15 pm.
G.A.A. Hall every Saterday night at 9.15 pm.

Legion of Mary meetings


Every Tuesday night at 7.30 pm. in Sacristy of Church Firies

new members always welcome

Contact no: 

Kathleen Walsh (066) 9764296, Mary B (066) 9764292 home 9764691 work


An apple tree in Firies which is estimated to be 125 years old is regarded to be the oldest apple tree in kerry. The tree is located in the front garden of Martin Culloty’s home in Rossmore, just two miles from the village.

When Martin built his house over 30 years ago the tree dwarfed the house and over the years, for safety reasons, it had to be cut back. “One of the amazing things about the tree is the amount of apples it produces each year. According to Martin the original owner of the land, the Cronin’s, have been told by two generations of the family that the tree was in its present location for over 125 years.

The tree trunk is also home to honey bees. Because of its age it needs a metal support which guarantee that the tree remains in a healthy upright position for another generation to enjoy.


Kerry's Eye 17th May, 2001

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