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The Silver Dubloons
First air: 21-1-60
Script: Spike Milligan

Greenslade: This is the BBC, and the color is cream.
Secombe: Ah, yes, Wal, the modern cream BBC! I remember the old days when it was
Voices: Brown! Brown! Brown
Greenslade: Yes, the old brown BBC! Happy days...
Sellers: Brown is better, it doesn't show the dirt.
Secombe: Not in this show it doesn't, mate! [laughs] Back to your car, Sellers!
Voices: I say...
FX: Car sounds, honking
Secombe: And now folks of the world, here with a special goatskin microphone
announcement, [gibberish]
Greenslade: Ladies and gentlemen,
Secombe: [inaudible]
Greenslade: the brown BBC presetns the Son of Fun, that old Welsh favorite: Ned, the
FX: cheering, singing
Seagoon: Stop! Stop!
FX: stops immediately
Seagoon: Thank you, fellow Welshmen.
Voice: Hello, Ned of Wales!
Segoon: It's Milligan of Poona!
Milligan: Ned of Wales, how's that old Welsh [married? money?] [inaudible]
Seagoon: Me and the little woman are very happy, indeed, aren't we, love?
Little Woman: [fast voicel my darling, [inaudiblel]
Voice: Tell me, what's the little woman's name?
Seagoon: Ha-ha, hey, I call her simply.
FX: whistle and pop
Jim: What a tune that would make!
FX: horn plays pop goes the weasle
Jim: [inaudible] next dance please?
Seagoon: [inaudible]
Voice: Next dance, please.
Voices: [inaudible]
Greenslade: Stop, I say, halt! Hold hard! Withhold, decease!
Seagoon: Put your head on this anvil!
FX: Hammer hits metal.
Greenslade: AhhOwww!
Seagoon: There we are. Let's see your old nut. Good havens, yes! Lumps suit you!
Sellers: Yes, lumps. Ladies, do your husbands come home late? Then use
FX: Hammer hits metal. High-pitched scream.
Sellers: lumps. Next time you're at your ironmonger, just open your mouth and say... "Lumps."
Voice: Yes, I'm grateful to lumps. I had a hat that came down over my eyes, then one night my
wife went
FX: Hammer hits metal. High-pitched scream.
Voice: Now, thanks to lumps, I have a clear view all the way round...
Greenslade: Now, a word from our sponsor.
Sellers: Frogs![?]
Greenslade: Next week, another word.
Sellers: Tonight, tonight, by the magic of hack writing and worn cliches, we drag you have a half
across an hour to [inaudible] down and [gibberish]. Introducing the new brown BBC [shade?], but
let the author tell you in his words.
Milligan: [gibberish]
Voice: Those were his own words. Ned of Wales, read the inscription on this crippled mango
called [plum?].
Seagoon: Hello folks of the world! Hello folks of the world! This is Ned of Wales calling!
[laughs] Ned of Wales speaking in the new goatskin microphone, folks! The scene is 19 hundred
and hun, a lonely Sussex fishing village Cornwall!
FX: music
Voice: [pirate-like] [inaudible] Oh, the Brown Cave[?] we call it. Tis somewhere in the cliff sides,
overlooking the sea, my little beauty, har-har! The old smuggler's cave is right there. On a dark
night they do say a ghostly voice - ghostly voice, ahhh! [inaudible] the smell of ghostly cooking
[laughs] Excuse me, I've got to get back to my mates [inaudible] you know.
FX: music, with underwater overtones
Moriarty: Quel delicious, quel delicious!
Thynne: What is that excruciating brew you're sipping with that boot, Moriarty?
Moriarty: Ohh! Taste! Taste!
FX: tasting
Thynne: Gad, what is it?
Moriarty: Your laundry! It's fata-yala-socks supreme!
Thynne: Gad, we Engish have never had it so good! Say, what's for afters?
Moriarty: She hasn't arrived yet.

Seagoon: [distantly] Hello! In the absence of the door - knock knock!
Thynne: In the absence of a footman, come in!
Moriarty: In the absence of a roof, hold this umbrella!
Seagoon: Thank you, lad! Or, if you're French, Yakabakabo!
Voices: [several versions of] Yakabakabo!
Moriarty: Wait, wait, wait.
Thynne: You're Neddy Seagoon, the famous size.
Seagoon: All right, all right, I tell you, I'm slimming! My pot belly [stays on?] I mean, look,
[inaudible] I can still touch my toes!
FX: cloth ripping
Seagoon: Let me tell you who I am. Ladies and gentlemen, I am... Ned Seagoon! Seagoon
the Elephant Man.
Thynne: Ah, you, you train elephants?
Seagoon: No, they just call me "Seagoon the Elephant Man." Watch this!
Moriarty: Stand back.
FX: drum roll, Seagoon shouting acrobatically.
Thynne: Splendid, Neddy, I didn't know you played the drums! You see...
Moriarty: Arrrggghhh...
Thynne: this mess of rag stooping over that fuming pot? None other than the great
Moriarty, trapeeze artist extraordinaire.
Seagoon: Him? A trapeeze artist?
Thynne: Yes! Moriarty, get the trapeeze.
Moriarty: No, no, I, I... I haven't got the time.
Thynne: [inaudible]
Seagoon: Look, I only came here to borrow a shovel. A-hem, I heard that during the
Armada, a Spanish galleon went down off Brown Cove and at low tide you can dig for silver
Spanish dubloons.
Moriarty: You what? [screams variously]
Thynne: That was the new sterophonic Moriarty
Seagoon: Is he ill?
Thynne: No, but for a fee it could be arranged. For 100 he will contract Lurgee. At
present the poor [clutz?] is suffering from the Irish [crux?]. Here is a report on his health.
Seagoon: This is a bank overdaft the statement.
Thynne: Yes, a terrible disease.
Seagoon: What's the cure?
Thynne: Alas, we've run short of the opiate that will restore the roses to his knees. All that
can save him, I fear - the Groan, Moriarty.
Moriarity: Aoww...
Thynne: His only hope is a fabled spoonful of silver dubloons, three times a day, forced
down his unwilling wallet. I fear he'll be dead by sun up, I tell you.
Seagoon: No, no, now, wait, wait, wait, wait, I, I can try!
Thynne: Here, then, take this tax-free shovel inscribed Charlie and dig, Neddy. If you find
a few dubloons then the ailing son of the Count[?] of France will give untold riches to the salvator.
Seagoon: Yes, yes, yes, yes [laughs] I'll get a French OBE and a Parisian [north?
inaudible]'s tie. Don't worry, I'll get the dubloons!
Greenslade: That traditional BBC wosh terminates part 1. We will now unpack Mr. Max
Geldray's nose and let him feel the full benefit of it.
FX: Honk
Voice: Oh, boy, look! I've got that old Dutch [inaudible]! Am I going to have fun!
Max Geldray plays
Greenslade: Part Onge. The Spanish Dubloons.
Max?: Ole!
Greenslade: By the way, that "ole" was my own idea, I'm not entirely without wit.
Seagoon: Ah, oh! Oh that [inaudible] I've been digging up dubloons for three weeks to
save the French prince. The weather was bitter cold and the snow lay three feet at my feet.
Greenslade: Now a phone call in blue.
FX: ring
Seagoon: Ah, the old-fashioned hand-cranked see-through phone. Hello! Hello!
Thynne: Hello, Ned of Wales, Thynne of Paris speaking. You've heard of Paris...
Seagoon: What does it sound like?
FX: music
Seagoon: Sounds foreign to me.
Thynne: It's a French phone, Neddy. Ned, we want you to send the next load of silver
dubloons care of the Yumka Hotel, Paris.
Seagoon: Yumka? How do you spell it?
Thynne: Y-M-C-A
Seagoon: Right. I must say I'm worn down to [an?] 18-stone [shadow?] by digging, you
Moriarty: You ungrateful 18-stone shadow--
Thynne: Ned, look... where do you live?
Seagoon: The basement of Bloodnok's military flats.
Thynne: Right. You go home and I'll arrange a holiday with tax-free legs and... certain
FX: Major-style music. Simplteon playing piano throughout following exchange.
Minnie: Henry? Henry!
Henry: Dear, dear. What is it, Min?
Minnie: Is that you playing that... pianola?
Henry: No, Min, no...
Minnie: [babbles] the piano, ah...
Henry: It's not me, it's the piano tuner
Minnie: Oh... Oh! What's that tune he's paying?
Henry: Pardon me, Mr. [Prune?], what is that tune you're playing?
Tuner: The note of E flat.
Henry: It's called the--
Minnie: [inaudible] What's it called?
Henry: It's called "The Note in E Flat," Min.
Minnie: It ought to be a hit with that title. Ah! Oh! Is that you, Henry?
Henry: No, no...
Minnie: Hey, [inaudible]
Henry: What? What's that? That is the piano, Min.
Minnie: Piano?
Henry: It's got wool on to keep a tune warm.
Ninnie: I thought our pinao was stollen.
Henry: Uh?
Minnie: [sings] I thought it...
Henry: It was, Min. Pardon me, sir, I don't want to worry you but we haven't a piano. You're
probably supposed to be tuning the one next door.
Tuner: I *am* next door.
Henry: Min!
Minnie: No! [inaudible] What?
Henry: We're in the wrong house again! Well, we had a piano like that stolen. What color's the
Tuner: Black and white.
Both: It's ours! It's ours!
Greenslade: Now, over to Bloodnock's room where the windows are never closed.
FX: bed sounds
Major: Oh, this bed! It's terrible!
Servant: Um, your breakfast, Major.
Major: Breakfast? What year?
Voice: The vintage, 53.
Major: One of their finest years. [door opens, Major screams]
Seagoon: Major Bloodknock! I saw a light in your window and a frown in the doorway, so I
came in, glasses first.
Major: Great news, Ned! Grytpype's paying you to go on holiday. Have you any warm clothes?
Seagoon: No, but I can get some cold ones and put them in the oven.
Major: Here are your tickets, lad.
Seagoon: First class lift? Where am I going?
Major: Up to the seventh floor, Ned, away from it all! You know, on a clear day you can see the
clothes line opposite and Mrs Puge in the bath? [Laughs] Bye, Ned, bye. Elinga, go down and
rifle his room with a rifle. Bye, lad.
Seagoon: Gadzooks, fancy a free trip to the 7th floor by first-class lift!
Voice: Are you going far?
Seagoon: 7th floor.
Sellers: Oh. Penelope and I went there last year, didn't we, did we, dear?
Milligan: Yes, darling.
Sellers: Trouble is, it's full of people from [inaudible], wasn't it, dear?
Milligan: Yes [inaudible]
Seagoon: Is this the little woman?
Sellers: Yes, she's 2 foot 6.
Willum?: Can't you see, [the first thing in corn beef?]
Sellers: [inaudible]
Willum?: And all kinds of stewed fruits and mutton. Would you like a bit of stewed fruit
and mutton?
Seagoon: No, thank you, I brought my lunch, you know.
Sellers: [inaudible]
Willum?: [inaudible] I've got your ticket right... Here, [inaudible] It says here your weight is
19 stones, 3 lbs.
Seagoon: Give me that! It's all lies, I tell you, I'm slimming, I've never been so light!
FX: elevator falls
Selelrs: Ground floor again..
Seagoon: It wasn't [inaudible] I tell you, I'm as light as a feather!
FX: crashing sounds?
Major: Neddy! Welcome back to your old basement! Have a nice time - Did you have nice
weather or haven't you watched? For the second part of your holiday - Ellington? Fire us up a
coach and four and take Mr. Seagoon's parcel, [M2].
Ellington: [inaudible] Hey-oh, Silver [inaudible]
Seagoon: Along the King's Highway we rumbled, [hired?] ducks at a full gallup. It was mid
January, and for the sake of the story, the coach was full of me and Ray Ellington.
Musical interlude
Bluebottle: Thank you. For my next impression... [cries out]
Greenslade: Now, "The Spanish Dubloons," part the hair. The stage coach.
Ellington: Gee-up! Whooooooaaaaa! Fat [inaudible]
Seagoon: What's the matter, driver! Why have we stopped?
Ellington: One of the horses got a puncture.
Seagoon: Which one?
Eccles: Me.
Seagoon: What are you doing as a horse?
Eccles: I've gotta make a living, too.
Seagoon: But you look frozen!
Eccles: I'm an ice-Eccles [laughs]. Okay. You win folks, I like doing impressions of horses. That's
my hobby.
Bluebottle: Yeah, it's a hobby horse-hee-hee!
Eccles: Oh, exactly right [inaudible]
Bluebottle: I never said nothing...
Eccles: Oh...
Seagoon: Look! Over there in Part 3! An old manor! I wonder who lives in it?
FX: scary old manor-type sounds
Dyall: A-ha! There is a coach from Part 2 stopped outside. Hark! The hoot of an owl. She only
gives one. Obviously she doesn't give two hoots! [diabolical laughter] They don't write tunes like
that anymore!
FX: door bell
Dyall: Open the door!
Servant: All right, sir...
FX: Door approached and broken open laboriously
Dyall: You forgot the key, didn't you?
Seagoon: Ah! Good evening!
Dyall: You ought to know, you're outside.
Seagoon: You're inside, in the warm.
Dyall: It seems a pretty healthy arrangement. Here's half a nicker.
Seagoon: Gad, a wooden leg!
Bluebottle: I don't like this man...
Seagoon: I don't like him, either.
Eccles: I don't like him, too.
Dyall: How do you think I feel!? I happen to *be* him!
Seagoon: Monsier, our story has broken dowm and we're stuck for lodgings.
Dyall: You certainly are. What you want. Bed and breakfast?
Seagoon: Yes, please.
Dyall: I'll leave it outside. In the garden.
Seagoon: Can we have shelter?
Dyall: Very well, come in. Wipe your feet - *and* your boots!
Eccles: [inaudible] Hello.
Dyall: [sotto voce] Gad, what a beautiful woman!
Eccles: Get away from me, you naughty man!
Dyall: You're the living image of my first, second, third, fourth and fifth wives!
Eccles: I do impressions.
Dyall: Ha-ha! You joking devil...
Eccles: [laughs as though tickled].
Dyall: Come, let's all sit round the fire! My name is Count Valentine Dyall I have one boy.
Eccles: That must be your son, Dyall! [laughs]
Bluebottle: Shut up, Eccles! Your [inaudible]ing them all away! Hooray for [gerkins?].
Eccles: [gerkins?]?
Dyall: Yes, my son, Dyall's a strange boy, he spends all his life collecting the silver milk bottle
tops. Sacks of them. He takes them away, heaven knows where, and buries them.
Seagoon: There goes the plot, folks!
Dyall: For years he lived in South America on safari. For months he was trapped in the
Seagoon: Couldn't he get the door open?
Dyall: No! He was collecting rare South American pianos for the zoo. This one is stuffed! Let
me... let me let you hear the exotic, soft beauty of it.
FX: piano plays Moonlight Sonata as Dyall laughs
Dyall: There, that mellow, exotic, delicate, beautifully played Peruvian melody. I composed it
especially for myself.
Seagoon: What do you call it?
Dyall: I call it... "Fred"!
Seagoon: Suddenly, Count Dyall's face took on a maniacal aspect. [inaudible] started
laughing insanely. Look out! He's got a knife! Eccles!
Bluebottle: And a fork!
Eccles: And a spoon!
Bluebottle: He's going to eat you, Neddy!
Seagoon: What? I'm off!
Dyall: And so, folks, because Neddy was off, I didn't eat him.
Major: Don't you worry, folks, better pay offs are being arranged at this very moment.
Greenslade: This story started with silver dubloons. Let us join Thynne as he dines at the
Hotel Stradeen...
FX: Pigs at trough; ballroom music
Thynne: Mmm! An excellent meal, Moriarty.
Moriarty: Why do you keep me chained under the table?
Thynne: Waiter, the bill.
Waiter/Greenslade: Oui, monsier, it is 10,000 francs in French.
Thynne: Will these silver Spanish dubloons suffice.
FX: Pours out bag full
Waiter/Greenslade: These are milk bottle tops.
Thynne: Curse! Foiled by filk mottle box!
Greenslade: There, now, folks, that didn't hurt, did it? Incidently, I played the part of the
French waiter. Good night.
[end music]
[no end credits on my copy]