Education-related Sites

A very useful Irish resource for students.

The comprehensive Irish guide to education and resources.

Another Irish resource for students and teachers.

Irish Science Teachers Association
This is the website for the Irish Science Association. The Cork Branch meets in St. Aloysius School and the local Science Resource Centre for science teachers is located in St. Als.

This is a a Mathematics forum based in the U.S.A. It contains various topics of Mathematical interest including web-site design advice and tutorials.

BBC Education
This site is a source for TV educational material which could be useful in the classroom.

Science Education
This site has lots of links to Mathematics, Science and Technology resources for girls, parents and teachers. See also our Science page for more links to Science websites.

Site for Career Guidance

Career Guidance - CAO
This is the on-line information site for the Central Application Office (CAO, Galway) in Ireland . It provides vital information for students thinking of going on to third level education in Ireland. An on-line application procedure is available.