Stokane National School,

Co. Sligo, Ireland


A Geography book

By Edward, 5th class

This is my geography book. It cost 6 euro. I bought it in Joyce's of Foxford. I got it last Setember. There are 128 pages in it.

My world Atlas

By Marie, 5th class

This is my world atlas. I use my world atlas to find out the names of rivers, lakes, mountains, countries and cities in different parts of the world. I use my world atlas when I am doing Geography. I live in Ireland. Some of the people in the Comenius Project live in France, Germany, Austria and Hungary. I would like to hear from them.

My Catechism Book

By Anne-Marie, 5th class

This is our religion book, Alive-O 3 for third class. 3rd, 4th and 5th class use this book for songs and short religion stories.

A Catechism Book

By Anne-Marie, 5th class

This is the 5th class religion book, which we use to help us to prepare for our coming Conformation. In the book there are short stories, pictures and questions.

My English Dictionary

By Marie, 5th class

This is my Collins Gem New Edition English Dictionary. I use my dictionary to look up the meaning of english words I don't know. This helps in essays and dictionary practice in my english workbook. It also helps me to spell words. I bought my dictionary in a book shop in Ballina.

A Copy book

By Edward, 5th class

This is my "Aisling" C3 sum copy book with 88 ruled pages. This copy costs 30 cent. I use this copy for writing in my maths sums. I bought it in the discount store in Ballina.

My Discover our world book

By Kirsty, 5th class

I bought my Discover our world book in a second hand book shop in Sligo it cost £4.50. I have had it 6 months now. This book is is all about nature like animals and plants and it also shows you how to make stuff. Most of the time there are stories and you have to answer questions. I put a clear cover over the book to keep it from getting dirty. The brand of the book is Folens.

My Irish Workbook

By Anne-Marie, 5th class

This is my Irish Workbook called Éirí na Gréine, which means, "Sunrise". There are 111 pages in it. There are Crosswards, Questions, Stories and Pictures in it.

My Spellings and Tables Book

By Grace, 5th class

This is my Spellings and Tables book. In the first section of the book there are groups of 16 words for each week of the year in school. This book covers from 1st to 6th class spellings. In the back section there are tables ranging from the 2 times tables to the 12 times in addition, subtraction, multiplacation and division.

My Irish Dictionary

By Anne-Marie, 5th class

This is my Collins Gem mini Irish dictionary. It is very useful to me because it changes English words to Irish in the first section of the dictionary, which is very useful in essays.When I am doing Irish, and if I don't know what an Irish word means, I can look it up in the second section of the dictionary and it tells me what the word is in English.

  A Maths Book

By Vincent, 5th class

This is my 5th class maths book. I do my sums in it every day. There are 222 pages in the book. It is very hard but I like it.