Stokane National School

Co. Sligo, Ireland


My Homework diary

By Kirsty, 5th class

I bought my diary in Ballina in a shop called Marys of Ballina. It is an A6 ruled diary. I use it for writing my homework in. It has a a red cover with a B on the front of it and I stuck some stickers on the back so it din't look bare. It is around 6 months old and it cost 1 euro. We all have a homework diary so we all write our homework in them. My homework diary has 80 pages.

My Pencil Case

By Kirsty Murphy

This is my pencil case. On the front there are T.V stars from Friends. I bought my pencil case in the Regans Discount Store in Ballina. It cost 1.50. I have had my pencil for 5 months. It is orange and has a zip on the top to open and close the pencil case. At both sides of the pencil case there is a big cup of tea. As I have had it for a while there is a big hole at the side.

My Irish Dictionary

By Kirsty Murphy

This is my irish dictionary. It is a Collins Pocket colour Irish Dictionary. I use it to help me look up english words and translate them into irish and I will also look up irish words to translate them into english. It cost 6.00 in Joyces, in Foxford. I have had it for 1 year.

My Ruler

By Kirsty, 5th class

This is my ruler. It is made of white plastic. I got it from my teacher in England called Mr. Crozer for good work. I have had it for 2 years now. It measures in centemetres and millimetres and it was made in England. It helps me to rule straight lines in my copy. As it is two years old it is a bit bent and is dirty.

My Copy

By Kirsty, 5th class

This is my A11 Aisling copy book with 88 ruled pages. It was made in Ireland. On the front there is a picture of a boy with a pen and on the back there is a picture of a girl. Each page is ruled once vertically on the left side of the page and there are 22 lines going horizontally.

My Discover our world book

By Kirsty, 5th class

I bought my Discover our world book in a second hand book shop in Sligo it cost 4.50. I have had it 6 months now. This book is is all about nature like animals and plants and it also shows you how to make stuff. Most of the time there are stories and you have to answer questions. I put a clear cover over the book to keep it from getting dirty. The brand of the book is Folens.

My Catechism book

By Kirsty, 5th classs

This is my Veritas Alive-o 5 workbook. It is for Third class but we all do the same religion book because there are so many classes in the one classroom. As I am in 5th class, I also do Called to Serve to prepare for our coming conformation. Inside you can colour some pictures and read some plays. At the bottom of the pages there is always a prayer to read at home. We also have a reading book to match. It cost 4.00 and I got it in Joyces in Foxford.