Stokane National School,

Co. Sligo, Ireland


Penny the Pen

By Anne-Marie and Grace, 5th class

There once was a new blue shiny pen called Penny. She was a bad pen and she was always up to mischief. One day she scribbled on Timmy's, her owner's, maths copy while he was at school and the teacher was very cross and gave Timmy 200 lines. Timmy tried to tell the teacher it was not his fault but she wouldn't listen. "Don't lie to me, young man," said the teacher. "I wasn't born yesterday so I know that pens don't write on their own. Who ever heard of such a thing as a pen with a mind of its own? Thats silly". All the other boys laughed. Timmy cried while he was walking home. "That pen got me into trouble. It's going to pay a price as soon as I get in the door," he thought. "Stupid pen." The pen heard him and giggled. It really had a mind of its own. He was made in a factory where they put a life into each object they created. Timmy had found the pen on the ground beside a litter bin while he was walking home the previous day and as it was a fountain pen, and probably very expensive, he puzzled over why anyone in their right mind would throw it away. He had not realised that it had a mind of its own. Timmy was just finished his lines that night when the pen scribbled all over the page. "You're truly evil!" Timmy said aloud to the pen, although he didn't know it could talk. "I am, aren't I," replied Penny. Timmy got such a shock he nearly jumped out of his skin and his hair stood on top of his head like a headgehog's spines. "My name is Penny. Oh, and by the way, Shortie," continued Penny, "I didn't know you who-man beans, or whatever you're called, speak English." "You're cool!" exclaimed Timmy. " I'm a human being and not a who-man bean! Can we be friends? Won't all the boys at school be envious!" "Hmmmm."said Penny. "We can be friends as long as you don't tell a single soul that I talk." "I promise," answered Timmy gleefully. "Then all is fine with me," said Penny. "You little Shortie," she added. And they both started laughing. From then on they were best of friends and were always seen together.


Pat the Red Pen

By Grace

There once was a red dull pen who wished he could be shiny again. He loved all his friends and each night when Regan's Discount Store closed it was party time. The party started at 7.00p.m. every night and Pat and his girl-friend Peggy loved to dance the night away till mid-night. The next day a little girl came and bought Pat but Pat didn't want to go without his girl-friend Peggy. When the little girl was walking home Pat tried to jump out of the bag but he was to small. That night when 7.00p.m. came he was very sad because he should have been at the party. When the little girl went to sleep Pat saw that the window was open, so he jumped up onto the window-sill and jumped to the ground. Pat tried to find his way back to Regan's Discount Store but he didn't know which way to go. He was lost. Then all of a sudden he thought he saw Peggy, he thought he was dreaming so he closed his eyes and when he opened them this time she was standing right in front of him. He asked her how did she find him? she said " I seen where the girl took you so I came to save you. Pat was so happy. The next day Pat and Peggy got on the bus and went on a hoilday. The end.