Stokane Chain-stories
These stories were created by the pupils in the Senior room, Stokane N.S. Each pupil, who was given a sheet with a story title at the top, wrote a paragraph of that story. Then the sheets were swopped around and the other pupils continued the stories on the sheets that they had received.

The Hole in the Ground

There was a crack in the ground. I went outside and stood on the crack. It began to get bigger and bigger. I fell down into the hole. I got out with the help of my parents and stayed away from it all day. But the next day I forgot about it and fell in again. There was no one there to help me out of the hole. I was very frightened. My daddy came home that evening, and saw me in the hole. He pulled me out with a rope as I had gone deeper that time. The next morning I ran out the door and fell in again. I was very frightened that time because Daddy was going to work that day and he wouldn't be coming home until well into the evening. My mum then came out of the house for a walk and she saw me in the hole. She saw I was scared and calmed me down. Then she helped me out of the hole. The next day I was more careful. But instead of me in the hole it was a baby rabbit. I brought her into my house and placed her in a box beside the fire. Then I noticed she had had an injury. I called the vet and he said she would be fine in a few days. I tended to her every need and it was hell. I had to give her food and clean, fresh bedding and she seemed to know I had to look after her. She kept squealing and she definitely kept me running. By the end of the day I was worn out and I decided I would have to get rid of her. I thought all that night and I finally came up with an idea. I made lots of posters that said:
I stuck the posters everywhere. Then finally, after a long wait, a boy came to my door and asked for his rabbit. To make sure he was the owner I told him to call the rabbit's name and make her come to him. " Fluffy! Fluffy! Come on my little pet!" Fluffy jumped into the boy's arms and rubbed her head against his breast. "At least that is one problem sorted out," I muttered when the boy and rabbit had gone. "But the hole is still in our garden. I looked out of the window but I couldn't see the hole. I rubbed my eyes and looked out again. I ran outside and I saw a sheet of paper saying:
            Dear friend,
                                 I have filled up this hole to thank you for looking after Fluffy. She used to be small and weak, but now she is  strong and healthy. Thank you very much,
                                                   From your friends,
                                                                                Fluffy and John.

I was so glad that Fluffy had been taken and the hole had been filled up.


Who stole my Goat?

"Who stole my goat?" asked the little boy. "Millie was my best friend but now she's gone."
"I'll bet somebody took her to eat." said fat Thomas Quinn.
"She'll turn up soon," said Jilly Meehan, who didn't want Michael to be sad after losing his little pet.
Michael was so sad when he walked home from school. He didn't want anyone to walk with him because he was crying. He cried even harder when he passed the gate of the field in which Millie used to be in. He cried even harder again when he felt the tit-bit in his pocket which he always used to give to Millie as he walked passed the gate. Suddenly he heard a bleat coming from behind him. He turned around and to his suprise he saw Millie. He ran up to her and said, "Millie, I've missed you so much." He gave her the tit-bit that he had in his pocket. He wept, but this time not for sadness, but for sheer joy. Instead of putting her back in the field, as he would have done, he took her into his house and let her sleep there that night. The next day he gave her a big feast and put her back into the field on his way to school.
"Did you find your goat?" asked Jilly Meehan.
"Yes," said Michael.
"Oh," said Thomas Quinn. "I wanted to find her and eat her."
"I hope you're only joking," said Michael.
"O-o-o-of c-c-ourse I'm j-j-joking," said Thomas, a little scared.
Michael and Millie became even closer friends and they played together every day.

The Tomboy

Hello! I'm Bridget and there is a girl in our school and she's a real tomboy. She plays rugby with the boys, she dresses like a boy, she even walks like a boy. But one day she was picked on by another boy, Benny.
"Why are you always acting like a boy?" he asked. "You dress like a boy and you even walk like a boy."
Then the tomboy, whose name was Jenny, got really, really mad and she punched the boy in the stomach. The boy fell onto the ground and started to whimper. He ran into the teacher's room.
"Oh no!" said the tomboy. "Now I'm in real trouble!" She ran straight to the other side of the playground. She didn't cry because she knew quite well that most boys don't cry. A few minutes later Benny came out and laughed at her.
"Teacher wants you," he jeered, and laughed again.
So she plucked up all her courage and went into the teacher. The teacher looked very cross when she went in.
"Why did you punch that boy? she asked.
"He was calling me a tomboy," she replied.
"Send in Benny," ordered the teacher.
Jenny left the room, summoned Benny, and they both went into the classroom. Jenny entered first, of course.
"Now shake hands and say you're sorry," Teacher ordered Benny after a verdict was reached. Benny said he was really sorry, and both left the room.
"Let's play," said Benny but Jenny found a coin, and Benny said it was his. Benny bullied Jenny and Jenny told her mother and father and they told Benny's mother and father. Benny went to school the next day and Jenny had a ball. Benny went over to her and said, "GIVE ME THE BALL RIGHT NOW! Jenny ran away but the teacher saw what had happened and went over to Benny and said, "You're making your way to be suspended or expelled, mister!" But in a few weeks Jenny and Benny were best friends. Now they don't even remember what all the hullaballoo was about!