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NOTE: The table below may be used in several different ways to aid historical research. It is shown on this webpage in alphabetical order by surname in Column 1. However, if you copy the table to a text program on your computer, you can then manipulate the data to find out other things, e.g. putting Column 2 into ascending alphabetical order will show all the men who died from one town or village grouped together. Doing the same to column 6 will show all those of one regiment or corps grouped together, and similarly, Column 5 can be arranged to show all the men of the same rank grouped together and Column 3 will group by KiA, DoW and place of death. ( see explanation of abbreviations below). Column 4 will group all those who died on the same day. This last piece of information may be of help in finding out where a particular man died, as it can be compared with the dates of major battles as shown on the WW1 page of this Website via the World Index.

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NOTES: Abbreviations KiA = Killed in Action, DoW = Died of Wounds, Batt. = Battalion.

Where more than one regiment had the same name, the regimental number is shown in brackets thus : Leinster Regiment (1st.) denotes The First Leinster Regiment. To copy this table to your text program to manipulate the data, click on any line in the table below, opt for "Select Table", then use the COPY command to copy the table and PASTE it into your text program. You can then re-order the data in any order you wish and print it out. Eventually, a printable list of all names A-Z will be added to this website.

HACKETT, Edward Clonmel DoW, France 9 September 1916 Private, 43308 Machine Gun Corps (formerly in Royal Irish Regiment)
HACKETT, John Fethard Died at sea 30 December 1917 Private, 4606 Leinster Regiment (4th.)
HACKETT, Martin Borrisoleigh KiA, France 21 August 1916 Private, 4307 Royal Munster Fusiliers, 2nd. Batt.
HALLORAN, William Galbally KiA, France 19 October 1914 Private, 5079 Royal Irish Regiment, 2nd. Batt.
HALLY, James Galbally ? KiA, France 19 October 1914 ? Private, 10558 Royal Irish Regiment, 2nd. Batt. ?
HALLY, Michael Clonmel DoW, France 24 May 1915 Private, 6682 Royal Irish Regiment, 2nd. Batt.
HALLY, Patrick New Inn KiA, France 8 November 1918 Private, 5585 Royal Irish Regiment, 2nd. Batt.
HANLEY, James Roscrea KiA, France 26 August 1916 Private, 8113 Leinster Regiment (2nd.)
HANLEY, Patrick Cashel DoW, France 6 September 1916 Private, 8940 Royal Irish Regiment, 6th. Batt.
HANRAHAN, Daniel Thurles KiA, France 26 August 1914 Private, 9197 Royal Irish Regiment, 2nd. Batt.
HANRAHAN, John Tubrid Died in Mesopotamia 30 December 1917 Private, 6917 Army Cyclists Corps (formerly of Royal Munster Fusiliers)
HANRAHAN, John Ballingarry (Buried in The Old Graveyard) DoW at home aged 22 30 January 1917 Private, 2032 Royal Irish Regiment, 6th. Batt.
HARKNESS, Charles Henry County Tipperary Died of Wounds in Nottingham, England 22 June 1916 Rifleman, C/738 Kings Royal Rifle Corps, 16th. Batt.
HARNETT, William County Tipperary Died in Salonica 24 September 1917 Private, 7617 Connaught Rangers, 5th. Batt.
HARRIGAN, M Carrick-on-Suir (buried in New Cemetery) Died at home, aged 22 7 April 1917 Private, 10622 Royal Irish Regiment, 2nd. Batt.
HARRIS, Patrick Joseph Cahir KiA, France 23 August 1916 Sapper, 25888 Royal Engineers, 26th. Field Company
HARVEY, Victor Albert Clonmel KiA, France 3 June 1916 Private, 17442 Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 7th. Batt.
HARVEY, William Tipperary KiA, France 8 October 1918 Private, 240282 Royal Lancaster Regiment, 2/ 5th. Batt.
HASSETT, John Clonmel DoW, France 31 August 1918 Gunner, 41966 Royal Garrison Artillery
HASSETT, Michael Nenagh KiA, France 9 Setpember 1916 Private, 9064 Royal Irish Regiment, 6th. Batt.
HAY, Charles Gordon County Tipperary KiA, France 30 November 1917 Gunner, L/12221 Royal Field Artillery
HAYDEN, William Clonmel KiA, France 13 April 1915 Private, 4479 Irish Guards, 1st. Batt.
HAYES, Daniel Thurles KiA, Gallipoli 16 August 1915 Private, 2248 Royal Irish Regiment, 5th. Batt.
HAYES, Michael Newport Died in France 18 April 1917 Private, 3769 Royal Munster Fusiliers, 1st. Batt.
HAYES, P. Holycross

(Church of Ireland Graveyard)

Died at home, aged 21 27 May 1917 Private, 7079 Irish Guards, 3rd. (Reserve) Batt.
HAYES, Thomas M. Thurles Died in Mesopotamia 11 August 1916 Sapper, 41758 Royal Engineers, 71st. Field Company
HAYES, Timothy County Tipperary KiA, France 4 August 1917 Private, 8076 Royal Munster Fusiliers, 1st. Batt.
HEALY, Michael Killenaule KiA, France 4 August 1917 ? Private, 7613 Royal Irish Regiment, 6th. Batt
HEAPHY, Patrick Gurtnahoe KiA, France 16 October 1916 Private, 43020 Royal Dublin Fusiliers (2nd.)
HEDGES, Arthur Carrick-on-Suir Died at home 2 December 1914 Private, 3/258 Wiltshire Regiment (Depot)
HEENAN, Martin County Tipperary KiA, France 1 December 1917 Private, 12055 Irish Guards, 1st. Batt.
HEFFERNAN, James County Tipperary DoW, France 1 June 1915 Private, 12055 Royal Irish Regiment, 2nd. Batt.
HEFFERNAN, James Gortnahoe KiA, France 1 July 1916 Private, 13679 Machine Gun Corps (formerly of Royal Irish Regiment)
HEFFERNAN, Michael Tipperary Died in France ?? ???? 1915 Private, 6686 Royal Irish Regiment, 2nd.Batt.
HEFFERNAN, Stephen County Tipperary KiA, France 12 April 1917 Private, 163 Leinster Regiment (2nd.)
HEGARTY, P Roscrea Died in North Russia 21 July 1919 Private, S/9485 Royal Army Ordnance Corps (formerly Leinster Regiment)
HEMSLEY, Dudley Staunton County Tipperary DoW, France 26 March 1918 Trooper, 9411 Hussars (18th.) [Queen Mary's Own Royal Hussars]
HENDERSON, William Templemore DoW, France 25 September 1917 Sergeant, 19881 Royal Irish Rifles (18th.)
HENNESSY, James County Tipperary KiA, France 23 December 1914 Private, 8922 Royal DublinFusiliers (2nd.)
HENNESSY, Thomas Thurles DoW, France 7 September 1916 Private, 4881 Royal Munster Fusiliers, 6th.Batt.
HENNESY, William Templemore KiA, France 12 March 1915 Gunner, 19881 Royal Field Artillery
HENRY, George Edward Clonmel KiA, France 1 July 1916 Private, PS/7823 The Royal Fusiliers, 2nd. Batt.
HERLIHAN, John Bansha KiA, France 26 October 1918 Private, 27697 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers (2nd.)
HERLIHY, John D. Kilvamon Died in France 12 January 1915 Sapper, 16697 Royal Engineers, Railway Company
HETHERINGTON, Arthur Shelbrooke County Tipperary DoW, France, aged 25 27 September 1916 Guardsman, 17852 Grenadier Guards, 1st. Batt
HEWITT, Robert Nenagh DoW, France 26 May 1915 Private, 7094 Royal Irish Regiment, 2nd. Batt.
HICKEY, James Clonmel KiA, France 28 February 1917 Driver, 100619 Royal Field Artillery
HICKEY, John Newcastle, County Tipperary DoW, France 21 March 1918 Private, 10359 Royal Irish Regiment, 7th. Batt.
HICKEY, Michael Clonmel KiA, France 8 March 1917 Corporal, 5147 Leinster Regiment (7th.)
HICKEY, William Frammorsfield DoW, France 26 August 1918 Lance Corporal, 26226 Royal DublinFusiliers, 10th. Batt.
HOGAN, James Shanrahan KiA, France 9 October 1917 Private, 8447 Irish Guards, 1st. Batt.
HOGAN, John Grawn Died at sea 10 October 1918 Private, G/95753 The Middlesex Regiment, 5th. Batt
HOGAN, John Cappawhite Died in France 6 October 1916 Driver, T4/189417 Driver Royal Army Service Corps
HOGAN, Joseph Killen Died in Salonica 18 September 1915 Private, 4888 Royal IrishRegiment, 5th. Batt.
HOGAN, Joseph Thurles KiA, France 23 October 1914 Private, 5778 Northamptonshire Regiment, 1st. Batt.
HOGAN, M. Tipperary (buried in St. Michael's New Cemetery) Died in Tipperary 31 May 1917 Private, 6026 Royal Irish Regiment, Depot
HOGAN, Matthew Nenagh KiA, France 2 September 1916 Private, 3489 Leinster Regiment (7th.)
HOGAN, Patrick Nenagh KiA, France 16 June 1917 Private 4774 Leinster Regiment (2nd.)
HOGAN, Patrick Borrisokane KiA, France 20 June1916 Private, 9736 Royal Irish Regiment, 6th. Batt.
HOGAN, Philip Cashel DoW in Salonica 5 September 1918 Corporal, 49046 Macghine Gun Corps (Infantry), 1st. Batt (formerly Royal Irish Regiment)
HOGAN, Stephen Carrick-on-Suir DoW, France 24 August 1914 Private, 7309 Royal Irish Regiment, 2nd. Batt.
HOGAN, William Puckane KiA, France 27 November 1917 Private, 10396 Irish Guards, 2nd. Batt.
HOGAN, William Borrisokane Died in India 13 December 1916 Gunner, 25388 Royal Garrison Artillery
HOLDEN, James Clonmel KiA, France 9 May 1915 Private, 6505 Royal Irish Regiment, 2nd. Batt.
HOLLAND, Robert Templemore DoW, France 5 July 1916 Corporal, 26065 Royal Garrison Artillery
HOLLAND, Thomas Nenagh DoW, Gallipoli, Turkey 3 May 1915 Private, 3959 Royal Munster Fusiliers, 1st. Batt.
HOLLINGSWORTH, F ?? Died in Tipperary. Buried in St. Mary's Churchyard 24 June 1920 Sergeant, 5757 Lincolnshire Regiment, 1st. Batt.
HOOKWAY, James William Templemore KiA, France 23 July 1916 Private, 14020 Lancashire Fusiliers, 17th. Batt.
HOPE, WilliamRobert Templemore DoW, France 22 September 1914 Gunner, 50327 Royal Field Artillery
HORGAN, John Clonmel Died in Clonmel, buried St. Patrick's Cemetery 31 December 1915 Sergeant, 1968 Royal Irish Regiment, Depot
HOURIGAN, William Tipperary Town Died at Tidworth, England. Buried Shronell Old Graveyard, Tipperary 1 October 1918 Acting Regimental Sergeant Major, 47638 Hussars (18th.)[Queen Mary's Own Royal Hussars] Good Conduct Medal, King's & Queen's South African Medals
HOWSON, Samuel Cloughela KiA, France 13 May 1915 Sergeant, 3607 Dragoon Guards (3rd.) {Prince of Wales' Own]
HUDSON, Albert Edward County Tipperary DoW, France 15 April 1918 Sergeant, 19433 Lancashire Fusiliers, 11th. Batt.
HUNT, John Moyglass, Killenaule KiA, France 20 November 1917 Private, 2621 Royal Irish Regiment, 6th. Batt.
HUTCHING, Thomas Patrick County Tipperary Died at home 31 January 1916 Sergeant (Acting) Royal Army Veterinary Corps
HUTTON, Peter Templemore Died in Mesopotamia 13 June1917 Private, 50375 Northumberland Fusiliers (formerly Royal Irish Rifles)
HYLAND, John Clonmel KiA, France 13 May 1915 Sergeant, 7399 Leinster Regiment (1st.)
HYNES, Philip Balywilliam KiA, France 15 August 1915 Private, 4084 Leinster Regiment
HYNES, Thomas Roscea KiA, Gallipoli, Turkey 16 May 1917 Rifleman, 2289 Royal Irish Rifles (6th.)

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