Leinster Locations database and search service is free of charge to any bona fide film or photographic company seeking locations in Ireland.

We are not Location Managers and our company sees it's objective to complement the Location Manager and not replace them. If anything we could be described as Location Scouts however many of the properties on our register have come to us rather than we to them.

Leinster Locations have been heavily featured in the Irish Media and this has generated a major interest in the company leading to us being able to establish a very comprehensive database within a short space of time.

We do not only have the stately homes and manor houses but the more modest semi-detached, terraced and cottage. Leinster Locations has castles in ruins and in daily use as family homes. We have houses representing virtually every architectural style associated with Ireland, and some that are not. Irish Heritage and some County Managers have registered properties with Leinster Locations, so we have historical houses and unique properties such as disused Lighthouses. Many of our period properties are decorated and furnished in keeping, thus saving on props rental, some are empty giving a free hand to the production design team.

Leinster Locations can offer 150 acres of private coastline, private canal bank with barges  and river side locations. Farms, bogland, mountains, factories, shops, department stores, warehouses, private roads, runways, railways and train carriages. We can even supply whole towns and villages all amenable to filming, short or long term.

We can offer some props, having vintage tractors and cars, vintage jukeboxes, "1 armed bandits", and amusement machines at our disposal. Leinster Locations can even offer planes and helicopters all from our database.

Leinster Locations have many contacts within the industry and can often advise where to obtain the props and the people to go with the location from other specialists in Ireland.

Our services are only a phone call or an e-mail away, and as we are "free" there is nothing to lose. As all our properties are registered with Leinster Locations voluntarily they are all ready and willing to be used as film locations.




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