Step Back in Time in Donegal

"The Season of Corn"  


We are a group of five farmers from the Inishowen Peninsula in Co. Donegal, Ireland, who have come up with a novel way to raise funds to provide a local facility for mentally challenged adults.


Using only horses and traditional farm implements, we ploughed a field, prepared the ground and sowed the seed to produce a field of oats.


In the Autumn we harvested the crop, again using the old methods, and followed the threshing and milling of the grain right through till the flour was used to bake a traditional Irish scone on an open hearth in an Irish cottage.


A complete recording of the year long project is now available on video as a permanent record of how things were done in days gone by. This is how our forefathers tilled the soil and reaped the crops in an Ireland now long gone.


The two hour video tape has been very successful in Ireland and now the organising committee is making the tape available worldwide so that Irish people everywhere can enjoy this remarkable reenactment of a way of life that is part of our Irish heritage.


To order, send Cheque or Money Order to: 
The Step Back in Time Committee  
Co. Donegal  
Phone: 00353 77 62889  
Prices (including Post & Packing):

            Ireland     Ir£16

             Britain     Stg£17

USA & Canada     $40US

          Australia      $50


Email us for further information


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