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Combined Parishes of Bullaun & New Inn in County Galway
Republic of Ireland

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Sarsfields GAA Club




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General Information                        Like to join Sarsfields Web Ring?

General Information

General Information
(June 9th 2000)

  • The Sarsfields Web Ring idea is an experiment;

  • The Web Ring is called "Sarsfields" because that is the name of a very successful local Hurling Club which was founded here in 1966. Its players all come from the two rural parishes of Bullaun and New Inn;

  • The combined area of the adjoining parishes of Bullaun and New Inn is thought to be only 25 sq. miles or so;

  • The main aim of the experiment is to see if it benefits the overall "Sarsfields Community" to list and have easy access to all (or as many as possible) of the local Internet web sites.

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Like to join Sarsfields Web Ring?

Like to join Sarsfields Web Ring?

  • The only requirements for membership are: 1) that your web site has information which is relevant (in some significant way) to the "Sarsfields" area, and 2) that you agree to display at your site the logo (which is supplied free of charge), and the word link, to the Internet address provided (in the link) in paragraph 3 below;
  • Information relating to social, health, business, and educational matters are examples of what would be considered relevant to requirement 1 above. Sports and leisure activities would of course also be included;
  • The only "cost" involved is that you display the Sarsfields web ring logo
    and word link shown here in the main links section at your web site
    sar_gb5a.jpg (707 bytes) Webring;
  • Membership is entirely voluntary, and by simply requesting it any member can have their site removed from the web ring.

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The digital photograph at top of page shows part of a scene
painted on a playground wall of New Inn Primary School
by local artist Mr. Gerry Hoban.
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