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June 8th 2000

Some weeks ago, a new search engine came online for the County Galway area.

For local people who are new to the Internet, this might be just the place to get in some practice on the use of search engines.

Like to try it out?  If so, you may wish to consider the following suggestions:

  • Start with a small list of single words (or simple 2 word combinations);
  • Go to the search engine site (by clicking on link below);
  • Type word/s into the search space provided (one set at a time);
  • Click on the Search button - and wait to see what happens!

To help you get started, you may find it useful to know that (at the time of writing) all of the following single and two word combinations produce listings from the new search engine:


hurling gaa heritage mummers
finnerty bullaun turoe superdump loughrea
new inn connemara ponies galway races

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