The Poor Man's Stereo Coder

Cheaper Than A BA1404 - And It Sounds It!!

This is a no frills stereo encoder, no attempt has been made at filtering either the audio or pilot tones, and apart from the rudimentary low pass filtering on the output there are no concessions made that increase the component count. As such it must be considered suspect. It will produce spurious emissions and should not be considered to be either clean, high quality or stable, but it does produce a stereo signal and the whole thing can be made cheaply. There are better and even easier ways to do this, but if you are on a real tight budget, then this is your only man! There are better alternatives available from the audio page though, so think hard before you do this, stick your nose in your armpit to be sure you are filthy enough...

Simple Encoder Schematic

Simple Encoder Veroboard Layout

Simple Encoder Veroboard "Tracks"

Simple Encoder Express PCB File

"With my brains and your ignorance we could corner the rubber nipple market - We could be millionaires - We could rule the world"...

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