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The fantastic Technology Liason Officers homepage: advisers and support with Assistive Technology.


besides being over relient on commas, a Movie freak and a young (deeply attractive!!! but terribly wholesome) guy who happens to use a wheelchair (My Disability), my life is frighteningly adverage!.

My Life

Andy's top films, albums, food and general ranting.

Centre for Intendant Living
An Irish chapter of the wonderful CIL; an organization run for disabled people by disabled people

cilmayoMayo CILs homepage

Top tenish
My fav. Movies, music and women!.

Irish Eyes
A list of the better disability related Irish Websites out there.

Calling all ex-pats!, missing the auld sod?, then visit Irishnet those good ol' Paddies in Boston keep flying the flag!.

Or alternatively, try Swift a great new (and long overdue) search engine, dedicated to Irish sites only.

Andy's Bar!
Great Wines, Whiskey's & Beer
Where everybody knows your name.

The Man, the Myth.
My Work, my life (loves and hates) Oh yeah and hard core nudity.

Graphic Photos
Only for those with a hell of a strong stomach!.

I got invaluable help writing this page from NCSA's Beginner's Guide to HTML, blame them!.

Moral guidance and religious inspiration as always from
Mark Lenahan, Mark's Homepage.

Web Pages done Professionally at the right price. http://homepage.tinet.ie/~johnpool

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