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Books about Chiropractic:
Business Management

  1. The Business of Chiropractic - How to Prosper After Startup (2002)
  2. Up and Running - Opening a Chiropractic Office (2002)
  3. Cash Practice New Practice Survival Guide (1998)
  4. St. Anthony's Guide Chiropractic Managed (1996)

The Business of Chiropractic: How to Prosper After Startup (2nd Edition)
by Ivan Delman

Paperback: 182 pages ; 2nd edition (February 2002)
Do Write Publishing Company; ISBN: 096698921X Price - Quick Click Buying

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From the Author
The purpose of this book is to provide a business reference that offers practising chiropractors ideas on how to more easily manage their offices.
The subjects covered in the 26 chapters range from developing yourself as a manager, how to manage your cash flow to the use of low-cost marketing methods designed for a growing practice.
It is written in straight-forward language for the busy chiropractor and is easily applied to your daily practice operations.

Table of Contents
Where Does Your Money Go? * Four Essential Clinic Functions. * Power Ethics: The Keystone of a Strong Practice. * Four Easy Steps to Decision-Making. * How to Delegate Rather Than Relegate. *
Prioritize Before You Decide. * Practice Basics Worth Repeating. * Free Advice: Worth What You Paid For It. * Why You Need a Mission Statement. * How to Set Goals. * Blueprint for Success: Your Business Plan. * Duties of a Practice Manager. * How to Reduce Paperwork Time. * Cash Flow. * Your Management Style.

Diagnosing Your Practice By Priority. * Retaining Patients. * Inventory Control. * Personnel Matters. * Marketing. * Advertising. * On Looking As You Wish To Be. * Lessons Others Have Taught Me. * Making It All Work. * A Short Recap. * Sources, Resources and Recommended Reading.


Up and Running - Opening a Chiropractic Office
by John L., Dr Reizer

Paperback: 164 pages (April 2002)
PageFree Publishing; ISBN: 1930252706 Price - Quick Click Buying

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Reader Review
Great business advice for the new chiropractor, July 2, 2002
Reviewer: A reader from Spartanburg, SC
A very rare find within the field of chiropractic. This book presents solid and very practical advice for new chiropractors just starting out. I thought that the authors did a nice job with detailing the necessary steps in negotiating a business lease. Much of the material that is included is written in an easy to understand format that is not intimidating to the inexperienced chiropractor.

Information such as this is difficult to find in our profession.The book is basically broken up into two portions. The first half deals with practice startup which is filled with many great ideas on how to keep office overhead low while making the office extremely functional. The second portion of the book deals with patient management advice during your first year in practice. The authors also included a nice assortment of office forms that can be utilized in the private office setting.

If you are in the process of opening a chiropractic office this book is a must read.


Cash Practice New Practice Survival Guide
by D.C. David E. Abblett, Terry Ann Abblett

Paperback: 126 pages (May 15, 1998)
Abblett Chiropractic Products; ISBN: 0967028302 Price - Quick Click Buying

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Book Description
A guidebook for Chiropractic students and recent graduates to walk you through practice start-up, Step-by-step with common sense information that will enhance your ability to succeed in practice. It also provides office procedures and forms to simplify and organize your practice. The second half of the book discusses the advantages of having a Cash Practice outside of the Managed Care System.It is also for practicing Doctors of Chiropractic who wish to convert their Managed Care practices to Cash Practices.

About the Author
David E. Abblett, D.C. has operated a successful Chiropractic practice in Concord, CA since his graduation from Palmer Chiropractic College - West in 1982 and has had a cash practice since 1988. He regularly lectures at the local colleges and coaches students in his office. He was internationally recognized in the,Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, Vol 20 #2, Feb.1997 for is treatment of cervical fracture. His wife, Terry is the coauthor of this book and also manages the business office of his practice. Her father is also a Chiropractor and she has been involved in the profession all of her life. Together they bring over 40 years of experience and practical knowledge into the production of this book.


St. Anthony's Guide Chiropractic Managed
by St Anthony

Paperback - (January 15, 1996)
Medicode Inc; ISBN: 1563293269 Price - Quick Click Buying

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Book Description
1st, 1996, St. Anthony Publishing. Manual on the fundamentals of managed care, for chiropractors. Discusses managed care reimbursement systems with emphasis on capitation and capitation contracts.

Table of Contents
1 Chiropractic Utilization Costs Financial/Operational 1 - 1994 HMO projections of chiropractic utilization rates and service costs for adjustments, therapies, X-Rays, exams and appliances.
2 Prepaid Capitation Rates Financial/Operational 3 - Summary of benefit plans, co-payments and capitated premium amounts, differentiated by benefit limit and subscriber type.
3 Schedule of Benefits Financial/Operational 7 - Calculation of annual maximum benefit limits, provider eligibility, covered, excluded and limited services.
4 Provider/Enrollee Ratio Calculations Financial/Operational 11 - Impact of HMO participation on chiropractor's office, types of ancillary providers, enrollee ratios.
5 Quality Assurance/Utilization Review Standards and Norms Financial/Operational 15 - Evaluating quality and appropriateness of services, provider contracting and credentialing criteria, utilization review standards, overview of treatment plans, treatment programs, corrective action plans.
6 Quality Assurance/Utilization Review System Operations Financial/Operational 21 - QA committee duties, quality assessment/assurance components, sources of data for quality improvement activities, requirements for participation in HMO by providers, participating chiropractor review, monitoring of provider administration.
7 Capitated Chiropractic Cost Development Model Financial/Operational 29 - Average charge, utilization and capitated (PMPM) cost data for HMO chiropractic services

Network Contracts
1 Chiropractic Capitation Services Agreement Network Contracts 1 - 1994 agreement between American Chiropractic Network Health Plan and PacifiCare of California: complete, signed agreement including covered and excluded services and capitated payment schedules.
2 Chiropractic Services Management Agreement Network Contracts 23 - 1990 agreement between California Chiropractic IPA and MaxiCare: complete signed agreement including covered and excluded services and capitated payment schedules.

Provider Contracts
1 Chiropractic Services Agreement Provider Contracts 1 - 1994 blank agreement between American Chiropractic Network Health Plan and individual chiropractor: Includes referral protocols, claims submission and payment provisions, third party reimbursement terms, etc.

Ancillary Contracts
1 Radiological X-Ray Ancillary Contracts 1 - Includes provider services, compensation provisions, etc.
2 Radiological X-Ray Utilization Statement Ancillary Contracts 7 - Frequency statistics on chiropractic X-Ray referrals, 1994.
3 Laboratory Services Agreement Ancillary Contracts 9 - Includes provider services, compensation provisions, etc.
4 Laboratory Conversion Schedule Ancillary Contracts 19 - Laboratory tests for chiropractic health plan, with procedural codes, descriptions, and relative unit values.
5 Clinical Laboratory Testing Services Agreement Ancillary Contracts 27 - Complete, signed, 1994 agreement between American Chiropractic Network Health Plan and SmithKline Beecham Clinical Laboratories.

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