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  1. Osteopathic Medicine- Philosophy, Principles and Practice (2001)
  2. Ligamentous Articular Strain- Osteopathic Manipulative Techniques for the Body (2001)
  3. Osteopathic Considerations in Systemic Dysfunction (1994)
  4. Opportunities in Osteopathic Medicine Careers (2001)
  5. Osteopathic Medicine- A Reformation in Progress (2001)
  6. Visceral Manipulation - J.P. Barral's Books » Trauma: An Osteopathic Approach (2000)
  7. Visceral Manipulation - J.P. Barral's Books » Manual Thermal Diagnosis (1996)
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  8. Mechanical Link- Fundamental Principles, Theory, and Practice in Osteopathy (2003)
  9. An Osteopathic Approach to Children (2003)
  10. Text of Osteopathy- A Primer (2003)
  11. Foundations for Osteopathic Medicine (2002)
  12. An Osteopathic Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment (1997)
  13. Musculoskeletal Disorders- Healing Methods from Chinese Medicine, Orthopaedic Medicine and Osteopathy (1999)
  14. Manipulation of the Spine, Thorax and Pelvis- An Osteopathic Perspective (2000)

Osteopathic Medicine: Philosophy, Principles and Practice
by Walter Llewellyn McKone, W. Podmore (Introduction)

Paperback: 260 pages; 1st edition (April 2001)
Blackwell Science Inc; ISBN: 0632052635 Price - Quick Click Buying

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Ligamentous Articular Strain: Osteopathic Manipulative Techniques for the Body
by Conrad A. Speece, William T. Crow, Steven L. Simmons DO

Paperback: 184 pages (October 2001)
Eastland Press; ISBN: 0939616319 Price - Quick Click Buying

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Book Description
The osteopathic profession has developed many treatment modalities and approaches to manipulation. Ligamentous articular strain is the name given by William G. Sutherland, D.O., the founder of cranial osteopathy, to a group of techniques that he used for treating the body outside the core axis of the craniosacral system. The term has since come to refer to a wide variety of techniques that engage the body's own healing mechanisms in a relatively direct manner.

For over thirty years the Dallas Osteopathic Study Group, originally under the tutelage of Rollin Becker, D.O., has been exploring this type of manipulation. Ligamentous Articular Strain is the distillation of their work. The introductory chapters address the historical development of this approach, and review some of its scientific underpinnings. The remaining chapters are devoted to an examination of the body, area by area, from the feet to the shoulders, describing and depicting effective manipulative techniques.

Ligamentous Articular Strain provides clear instructions and vivid illustrations which will enable the trained practitioner to quickly gain proficiency in these techniques. It also presents a cogent approach to working with the concepts of the key lesion and the bowstring, first developed by Rollin Becker.

About the Author
Conrad A. Speece, D.O., is a graduate of the Kansas City College of Osteopathic Medicine, and is board certified in Family Practice. He has lectured on ligamentous articular strain techniques and other aspects of osteopathy throughout the United States and Europe. In addition to his private practice, where he helps train students and residents from the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, he serves as Chairman of the Dallas Osteopathic Study Group, an organization dedicated to refining and expanding the osteopathic approach to treating the human body. Dr. Speece is also an inventor who, among other things, developed and patented the BackMaster® Lumbar and Thoracic OMT Devices.

William Thomas Crow, D.O., is a graduate of the University of North Texas Health Science Center-Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, and is certified by the American Osteopathic Board of Special Proficiency in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. At present, he serves as a visiting clinician for the American Academy of Osteopathy, and is an associate professor in the Department of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Steven L. Simmons, D.O., is a graduate of the University of North Texas Health Science Center-Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine. He is presently a family practice resident in Fort Worth, Texas. Dr. Simmons has written and illustrated Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine-Review for the Boards.

Table of Contents
* Introduction * History * The Scientific Basis and Principles Underlying Ligamentous Articular Strain * The Lower Extremities * Pelvis and Lower Abdomen * Abdomen and Thorax * Spinal Column * Upper Extremities * Key Lesion * Bowstring * Coordinating the Eight Diaphragms * Conclusion

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Osteopathic Considerations in Systemic Dysfunction
by Michael Kuchera, William Kuchera

Paperback:2nd edition (December 1994)
Publisher: Greyden Pr; ISBN: 1570741549 Price - Quick Click Buying

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Reader Reviews
Great practical book for osteopathic physicians., October 3, 1999
Reviewer: jennifer ravenscroft from West Virginia
This is a great practical book for the osteopathic physician. I use it frequently when caring for hospital patients. While it has sections on various types of diseases (upper respiratory, GI,etc.) Dr. Kuchera also has a basic outline on how to use osteopathy in any sort of disease state. This means you can take the basic philosophy and apply it in any situation. I highly recommend it to all osteopathic physicians and students of osteopathy.

Excellent text on Osteopathy in the field of visceral disease, March 21, 1998
Reviewer: An Customer
An excellent and very welcome text on the important role Osteopathy has to play in the treatment of visceral disease. By explaining the relationships between viscera and the Autonomic nervous system, the authors have been able to recommend an approach and treatment plan for many common visceral disorders. For any Osteopath who has a desire to explore the full power of Osteopathy and be confident in treating such conditions in their clinic, this book is a must.


Opportunities in Osteopathic Medicine Careers
by Terence J. Sacks

Paperback: 143 pages; 1st edition (January 15, 2001)
McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Books; ISBN: 0658001868

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Book Description
This is the world's most comprehensive career book series, covering a range of professions from accounting to zookeeping, and encompassing traditional and cutting-edge careers. Each book offers job seekers essential information about a variety of careers within each field and includes training and education requirements, salary statistics, and professional and Internet resources.


Osteopathic Medicine: A Reformation in Progress
by R. Michael Gallagher (Editor), Frederick J. Humphrey, Marc S. Micozzi (Editor)

Paperback: 137 pages (January 15, 2001)
Churchill Livingstone; ISBN: 0443079919 Price - Quick Click Buying

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Book Description
Osteopathic medicine is a holistic method of health care that focuses on manipulative treatments to maintain the harmonious balance of the body's interactions. Osteopathic Medicine: A Reformation in Progress offers a broad-based introduction to the basic tenets of osteopathic medicine, from the roots of osteopathic reformation to its present and future role in primary care medicine. It addresses the problems that the osteopathic profession has faced and continues to face, and offers concrete and proactive recommendations for the future. Both osteopathic practitioners and physicians who practice mainstream medicine can benefit from the theories and practices presented in this intriguing text.

Reader Review
WOW, just what the doctor ordered!, January 30, 2001
Reviewer: Sandy Duncan from Cambridge, MA USA
Osteopathic Medicine: A Reformation in Progress is a long overdue reference for those seeking accurate information about the history and development of the ostoepathic medical profession. It concisely reviews the historical foundations and evolution of osteopathic medicine from a frontier-based medical sect to a full-fledged social movement in American health care.

In a well-written and engaging style, the authors provide the reader with a critical appraisal of where the osteopathic medical profession has been, its past achievements and current challenges, as well as a clear course for its future development. It also explores the dimensions of osteopathic medical education and practice that distinguish DOs from their MD counterparts. The authors review the philosophical foundations that drive the unique osteopathic approach to patient care as well as a critical appraisal of efforts to incorporate osteopathic principles and practice into the broader infrastructure and science of total health care management.

This is book is highly recommended reading for all pre-medical students considering a career in osteopathic medicine, current osteopathic medical students and residents, as well as practicing physicians, and interested lay people. This book will also be of particular interest to medical educators and public health policy-makers who work to further refine and develop a health care system that is compassionate, accessible, evidence-based, integrative, and technologically advanced.

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