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List of cited compositions by Béla Bartók

BB no.             Title                                                                Date of composition  

31                Kossuth, for orchestra                                                  1903

36a                        Rhapsody, Op. 1, for piano solo                       1904

35              Scherzo, Op. 2, for piano and orchestra                        1904

42                            Hungarian Folksongs, for voice and piano                     1906               

47                            Eight Hungarian Folksongs, for voice and piano 1907 & 1917

45b            Three Hungarian Folksongs from Csík, for piano           1907

50              Fourteen Bagatelles, Op. 6, for piano                            1908

51              Ten Easy Pieces, for piano                                            1908

53              For Children, for piano                                      1908-1910

54              Seven Sketches, Op. 9b, for piano                    1908-1910

67              Romanian Christmas Songs, for piano               1915

68              Romanian Folk Dances, for piano                                 1915

81              The Three Studies, Op 18, for piano                             1920

83                            Improvisations on Hungarian peasant songs,

for piano, Op. 20                                                          1920

84              Sonata for Violin and Piano no. 1, Op. 21                     1921

85              Sonata for Violin and Piano no. 2                                  1922

87a                        Village Scenes for Voice and Piano                   1924

95              String Quartet, no. 4                                                     1928

98              Twenty Folksongs, for Voice and Piano                        1929

105            Mikrokosmos, 153 pieces for piano                              1926-1939

100                        Cantata Profana, for tenor, baritone, double chorus

and orchestra                                                                1930