COHEN ABRAHAM in IN ISRAEL at 20:48:27 Friday February 28 97

Anon at 20:37:40 Tuesday February 25 97

Sharon Beaumont in S. Florida, U.S.A. at 0:4:24 Monday February 24 97
heading over next week...its been about four years since my last trip and am beyond excited!

Fionnuala Stanley in South Africa at 14:12:45 Saturday February 22 97
Ronan Your cousin in South Africa here. Blon's daughter. What a find. Heard you playing - great stuff. Please e mail me. I have spent months on this thing trying to find relatives and there you were... Speak to you soon.

john cunningham in slough, berks at 0:25:54 Thursday February 20 97
play hunter d-chanter enjoyed afro - celts in reading, hope to see you playing in london soon

erika in New York at 21:43:34 Wednesday February 19 97
Loved it. I just got back from backpacking across Europe. Spent three weeks in Ireland and it was the greatest part. Can't wait to return. As far as I'm concerned there's no place like it!!!!

erika at 21:39:11 Wednesday February 19 97

Karen Susnitzky in New York, NY at 17:32:40 Wednesday February 19 97
planning to travel to Ireland for the first time this summer. Checking out sites for Ireland and music

L. Joyner in Merdian, MS at 16:37:20 Monday February 17 97
I have enjoyed this site and hope that it will help me in my research for information on Celtics and Druids of the ancient world.

Joerg Beulke in Jork, Germany at 10:22:29 Monday February 17 97
Hi Ronan ! Great concert last night in hamburg. hope you enjoyed your stay at the reeperbahn (I'm sorry, your wife's watching ??) I hope to get your CD next month. take a look at my internet pages best wishes from the promoter last night, hope to see you soon take care, joerg

Antony Mcmanus in Antrim at 22:17:40 Saturday February 15 97
Still practising the pipes!!! taking classes with Robbie

Michael Nickerson in fl but goin to ireland this summer at 13:27:55 Friday February 14 97
hola um you asked for my name in your guest book so here it is, nice page though. I have heard a lot of irish jazz and its good to see some more of it.

Jane in London at 20:3:32 Thursday February 13 97
I just logged onto you because you came up when I searched Capercaille.

Jean-Pierre Nittolo in Montréal, Canada at 3:0:57 Tuesday February 11 97
I will be in Dublin starting the 25th of febuary till march 6 1997. I will be at the Dublin home show with The Dublin Plywood & Veneer. The products that a will be demonstrating are maintenance products for hardwood floors, if you are interested come and show up.

Ronald McBride in Des Moines, Iowa USA at 19:21:10 Monday February 10 97
Enjoyed....... My wife/2 sons/daughter-in-law are going to Ireland in the summer of 98. We plant\ to ride bicycles across Ireland. Might try for a game or two of the World Cup in France also.

Vivian in Reidsville, North Carolina, USA at 20:14:30 Saturday February 8 97
I am just beginning to feel my Irish Roots. Do you know any Conway's.

richard & rebecca in Rome, Italy at 11:52:4 Friday February 7 97
Ciao! Greetings from Roma. Hope you are both well. Just taking time out to surf. Painting's going well (sort of). Many thanks again for your hospitality. This place is very beautiful I have taken up my true vocation and taken charge of the bar here - wages paid in alcohol of course. Salute !

George Clay in Seattle WA, USA at 23:53:58 Wednesday February 5 97
I enjoyed your site. I will be visiting Ireland shortly and was checking out places to go. Thanks.

MICHAEL O DRISCOLL in New York USA at 5:0:5 Wednesday February 5 97
Hello Ronan and Garvan. With your little brother Daire in New York.

Lawrence Browne in Pomona California at 10:34:12 Sunday February 2 97

Anon at 21:49:54 Friday January 31 97

Richard Haas in USA at 21:49:30 Friday January 31 97
Enjoyed Warren Vache when in Dublin in October

gavin in London at 19:5:58 Friday January 31 97
just to say i enjoyed your site and included a link to it at This is a new site which lists jazz gigs going on in london and is a voice for Jazz Umbrella, a musicians collective that organises around ten gigs a month and commisions new music. Any chance of a return link?

Jonathan Walker in u.k. at 22:50:34 Wednesday January 29 97

Nora in Near Vancouver at 18:38:58 Tuesday January 28 97
I read about the second oldest pub in Dublin and you were wondering which was the oldest. This summer, my cousin and his wife took me to what they said was the oldest pub in Dublin, called "The Brazen Head". It was dark though, so I can't remember exactly where it was.

Nora Ethier in Canada at 18:24:54 Tuesday January 28 97
Ireland rocks! I love this country. I've been to Ireland so many times I've lost count! I went there this summer alone and had a blast!

Debbie Metrustry in Chapelizod at 13:44:17 Tuesday January 28 97
Great stuff - keep it up! I live 5 minutes walk away from here and was delighted to discover the site.

Elaine McLauchlan in dundee at 9:6:56 Tuesday January 28 97

Melissa Stief in Virginia, USA at 1:15:8 Monday January 27 97
Just looking around and stumbled on this page. (My boyfriend was born in Dublin and I was looking for something he might be interested in) THANKS!!

Todd Silverstein in Lund, Sweden at 17:57:5 Sunday January 26 97
Cool page. I think I have some of Ronan's playing on an old compilation LP called "the gathering". lovely stuff

Bert & Lyda Fens at 15:15:6 Saturday January 25 97
Being Internet rookies we just stumbled on your site. What we saw so far was great!!! We'll come back to you after our visit to the Strawberry Beds. Thanks

Daire Browne in New York at 23:54:33 Friday January 24 97
Hello Garvan - Just Passing!

Erin Raether in Madison, Wisconsin, USA at 19:30:1 Wednesday January 22 97
This is a great site! I'm going to Ireland in two weeks, and want to learn more than your average tour book.

Johanna&Christina in At school at 12:13:59 Tuesday January 21 97
Very nice! Checked in to say hi!!

Sandra Cooper in Augusta (visiting from Dublin) at 5:48:37 Tuesday January 21 97
Your page is interesting. I'm on holidays in Australia and found it on my uncle's computer. I live near the Strawberry Beds. they are beautiful but I wouldn't walk up Knockmaroon Hill too easily - I recommend getting a taxi. And I recommend changing your directions as the Adelphi Cinema was knocked down about a month ago. Arnotts are building a car park or extension or some such monstrosity. Just so you know.

Mike McCormack in Long Island, New York at 23:33:56 Saturday January 18 97
Just found you. I'm into history. Will bounce around in here for a few days, then comment. Thanks for the opportunity.

mary reed in Arkansas USA at 16:1:13 Friday January 17 97
I have been unable to access Paddynet.

Mary Reed in Arkansas USA at 15:59:30 Friday January 17 97
Thanks for some interesting pages even though I can not always access them.

Cheryl in Ohio at 18:54:26 Wednesday January 15 97
Great site ... attractive graphics ... thorough discography! Looking forward to tracking down Ronan's recordings. [Hi to you, too, Marie.]

Thomas Johnson in At work, Lund Sweden at 14:9:45 Monday January 13 97
Like your piping Ronan. I play a set by Dave Williams. I'm self taught, English and live in Lund, Sweden. Met a great piper down at Ballyferriter, Conn Durham, this summer. Also met Cillian O'Briain and his wife Brid. also met a fine piper down at Glengarriff Jim (forgot his last name), who remember Johnny Doran playing on Saturday nights in Dublin All the best Thomas

Jenny in Ont, Canada at 4:7:39 Monday January 13 97
Enjoy, reading about Ireland, Thanks

Maire in Vancouver Island, Canada at 18:0:58 Sunday January 12 97
Wonderful site! Am Irish, married to a Canadian, and love to get news of Ireland. Thanks.

Marie Faure in Florida at 0:35:4 Saturday January 11 97
Great Ronan info! Thanks so much. Hi, Goody Chernis!

heather burton in ontario,canada at 18:28:28 Friday January 10 97
hiddy ho long distance neighbour !!! we sure are hoping that you are our one and only wee leprecon? let us know. see ya and hi to Cassie.

Pat Bell in Maynooth at 12:34:38 Friday January 10 97

Yvonne Wilkinson-Cox in Western Australia at 12:13:23 Friday January 10 97
G'Day from hot and humid Perth, Western Australia.Thank you for making it easy to access some great Irish sites, yours included. It means a lot to Homesick Paddies like me. Lovely page. Do you use a Mac. I'm from Terenure and now sell computer systems down under. Send me some snow and Hi to all in Ireland.

Richard Knight in Loxley, AL, USA at 3:11:33 Thursday January 9 97
I was accessing my hometown of Loxley, AL through a search engine, when it brought me to a link which led to this site. I am glad it did. Being a musician myself and a music teacher I am constantly looking for sites I can use in related matters. Very nice looking page, I am impressed.

Sylvia de la Sancha in Los Angeles at 6:59:53 Wednesday January 8 97

Ron McAtee in Iowa City, IA at 0:33:0 Wednesday January 8 97
cool site

Jim McCourt in Saginaw Mi. USA at 3:17:36 Monday January 6 97
I am enjoying this site,thank you.

m. oconnellnew york at 1:41:1 Monday January 6 97

Russell Hallaran in Houston TX, USA at 20:40:14 Sunday January 5 97
Have some Irish blood way back. Great Grandparents name was O'Hallaran. Dropped the O' sometime in late 1800's. Have a good life.

Ronan in in the red room at Mount Slaney at 12:14:32 Sunday January 5 97
Hi Garvan. Was just passing by and thought I would say hello. Bye now

K & T Mitchell in Australia at 10:26:31 Sunday January 5 97
My grandfather came from Ireland and it pleased my grandmother a great deal to see the photos.

Meredith Shull in Milpitas, California at 3:1:42 Saturday January 4 97
This was a really informational page. When I have the time I will look at it again. I might be able to see the area 'cause of my going there next year as an exchange student!!

Jennifer Furey in Hell (okay, work...same thing) at 21:26:39 Friday January 3 97
Garvan, this is really cool. Neat link. Sorry I had to find out about it in such an unpleasant way.

The RAven in Upon a pallid bust of pallis at 18:56:28 Friday January 3 97
This wasn't what i was llooking for but oh well

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