Bud Smith in Notre Dame Indiand at 4:9:48 Sunday October 19 97
Drop me a line- I'd like to here from you.

Anon at 18:8:37 Saturday October 18 97

george burnett in aberdeen at 18:7:32 Saturday October 18 97

Anon at 16:56:23 Friday October 17 97

Abbie in New York City at 20:51:35 Wednesday October 15 97
Though this is a jazz site, I just wanted to tell everyone over in Dublin to keep watch for a band that may be calling themselves the DirtNappers. They've been playing the pubs for the past couple of months and have gotten great reviews. Their bass player named Jules(Julian) is phenomenal...very colorful guys...

Anon at 11:7:26 Tuesday October 14 97

Anon at 3:41:47 Friday October 10 97

Mike Waters in Key Largo Florida at 2:35:11 Thursday October 9 97
It is hot and the bugs are out and I wish I was in a pub at home in Ireland

Steve Trehair in Johannesburg-South Africa at 22:1:55 Wednesday October 8 97
Hi.. Do you know of anybody in South Africa who either plays or better still can teach the Uilleann pipes. Please let me know. Regards Steve.

JANA at 16:33:25 Tuesday October 7 97

Bernard Farrington in Adelaide Australia at 11:4:6 Tuesday October 7 97
Gooday! Keep up the good work.

val grimley in ny ny at 18:13:40 Sunday October 5 97
how's it hanging mr browne ?........ok i hope! i'm at work today and i've got to use computer ! say hello to the lads next time u c them.. all the best.. slan val

Colin McKenzie in Newfoundland at 18:0:49 Sunday October 5 97
Looking for a smoky jazz club in Dublin with Celtic-jazz fusion.

ALFRED P. ROACH in Dublin, Ireland at 21:57:38 Friday October 3 97

Philip Barker in Calgary, Canada. at 0:36:5 Friday October 3 97
We are a jazz record label based in Calgary, Canada. Currently we have in our catalogue 20 CDs by some of the finest U.S., Canadian and International artists. Our web site is at: www.canuck.com/jazz Would you like to exchange links with us?

Philip Barker in Calgary, Canada. at 0:35:59 Friday October 3 97
We are a jazz record label based in Calgary, Canada. Currently we have in our catalogue 20 CDs by some of the finest U.S., Canadian and International artists. Our web site is at: www.canuck.com/jazz Would you like to exchange links with us?

Colin Wright in Dublin at 14:15:56 Tuesday September 30 97
Hi, I am trying to find information about learning to play tenor saxaphone in Dublin. Any feedback appreciated

phyllis adamini in australia at 12:10:26 Sunday September 28 97
hi to all my family in dublin the gray's from the adamini baldivis australia

Colin Brown in Edinburgh at 19:46:31 Saturday September 27 97
A fan of uillean pipes, a member of npu and a very very bad player of practice pipes - but oh the sound of players like yourself or Liam O Flynn who I have heard twice in Edinburgh.

Anon at 20:36:39 Thursday September 25 97

Sheila Baxter in America at 17:13:39 Tuesday September 23 97
Thinking of getting my masters in Ireland, Studied abroad in England for a spell, but they just didn't have the quality of Guinness I was looking for. Just looking for some info. Thanks

Lyn Franklin in canada at 16:50:34 Tuesday September 23 97
this is a grrreat site and links, been here 4 times now so its time to sign the guest book..keep it up please

Lewis Hawke in Canberra, Australia at 5:14:34 Tuesday September 16 97
Hi there, I heard about your site from Ronan (your brother) and Margaret (your cousin). It is very impressive: Far too much to absorb in my lunch hour though. I'll be back! (PS my wife, Carol Kiernan - your cousin from Canberra, sends her regards)

Sarah in United States(Virginia) at 1:22:48 Monday September 15 97
cool site good job

sara hoeber in gainesville,fl, USA at 17:5:44 Friday September 12 97
great page!, I spent two weeks in ireland this summer. What a great place! I do miss the music.

Brownie in New Hampshire, USA at 23:59:52 Wednesday September 10 97

Carole Devaney in Dublin at 14:51:56 Tuesday September 9 97
Thanks, Garvan, for keeping the DUBLIN JAZZ SOCIETY's gig listings up to date on your Web site. Do come along to the next gig - love to meet you!

Eliot Grasso in Maryland USA at 23:55:34 Saturday September 6 97
Ronan - Your Page is pretty cool. I met your brother Oliver at an Irish festival in West Virginia called Augusta. He plays fiddle right. I just received a tape of you playing at the Tinoil in 1991 in Pittsburg. Your flat chanter has an amazing sound.

John Ceszynski in Menasha(Milwaukee), WI, USA at 23:52:10 Tuesday September 2 97
Ronan, It was nice to see you in Milwaukee for Irish fest. After 4 years of Willie week (91-94), and meeting you in person (Baker's Well, Milwaukee, in 81?-St. Louis feis 83/4?) I'd have to say that your piping is great! only to be topped (complimented by) by your sense of humor. Hope to see you again soon.

Steve Adams in Kenai, Alaska at 18:46:11 Sunday August 31 97
Enjoyed the page. How about some waves to listen to. Would love the opportunity to learn the uillean pipes. I play the highland pipes (25 years)

Thomas J. Kennedy in Boston at 17:52:53 Friday August 29 97
Great stuff! Ronan I wish I were you! Hope to see you at a usa tional soon. sincerly, Tom.

Margaret Hamilton in Australia at 12:4:15 Tuesday August 26 97
Hello Garvan, Do you know me? I am a cousin of yours, Colm's daughter. It's great to see your new page. Pity there's no photo of you! Is it Tierna in the background? I see that Fionnuala has also been in contact. Please say hello to Ronan. Matthew is over in Italy at the moment and may be visiting Ireland. Please reply, it would be great to talk to you by e-mail. Regards, Margaret.

Fionn MacCumhaill MacGregor in Dumfries Scotland at 1:21:59 Tuesday August 26 97
Just surfing thru and saw your excellent site. Keep up the good work. Is Brian Garvan still near Clontarf??

Fionnuala in South Africa at 7:35:5 Monday August 25 97
Thanks for the e-mail - please send me your e-mail so I can reply - can't wait..Much love

Mark Cahill in Germany at 21:1:44 Tuesday August 19 97
great page - brings back a lot of memories. Hi Ronan and Conor, glad to read that things are good with you. A little bit of criticism - what about Tommy Halferty, Mike Niellsen, Niall O'Neill and of course my teacher, John Wadham? Look forward to the next installment!

monbel at 17:56:28 Tuesday August 19 97
you will be in milton malbay next year?

O'Tooley in Australia at 13:33:12 Tuesday August 19 97
I'll be in Dublin in 12 days. Hooray!!!

Jan Olof Ek at 12:2:26 Friday August 15 97
Hello!coaming to Du Nice webpage about jazz in Dublin.! I am a swedish jazz fan. Looking forward to go to Dublin.

lappland jo in belgium flanders at 23:15:57 Tuesday August 12 97
Hey, you crazy cigarette-begging uillean piper! how was the trip back home? What did you think about the dranouter public? you promissed me an interview, remember. seeyouontheweb. jo lappland and sofie moose

paddy duddy in canada at 10:58:45 Sunday August 10 97
my uncle is tommy halferty, and i'm interested in seeing what he's up to or if he has any new releases out. thanks for having me paddy

Linda Redden in Massachusetts, USA at 16:46:17 Wednesday August 6 97

Karen D. in Richmond, Virginia at 2:23:24 Wednesday July 30 97
Hi music people! I'm coming to Ireland, will you wait for me? Ireland is supposed to be a tonic for writer's block, I'll be testing that theory shortly.

sue suter in Australia at 11:26:44 Sunday July 27 97
Great web page.

Virginia L. Orru in Sarasota, FL U.S.A. at 22:1:0 Friday July 25 97
Great web page. Just learning what Dublin has to offer if I get there next year.

sue suter in Australia at 10:18:31 Friday July 25 97
would appreciate any information on jazz in Ireland. Hoping to get there again next year, ie 1998. Have a son (17) interested in anything to do with jazz. Plays jazz guitar. Would be interested to see what Ireland has to offer.

SUZANNE BUTLER in BUFFALO, NY USA at 22:47:24 Thursday July 24 97

Tom Walsh in Meridian, MS USA at 0:23:46 Wednesday July 23 97

niall o'neill in dublin at 21:6:24 Tuesday July 22 97
and i didn't even get a mention. boo hoo! joking apart, well put together. niall

Helen Lindley-French in sheffield at 8:31:53 Tuesday July 22 97

Nadine in Princeton, NJ, USA at 20:50:23 Saturday July 19 97
I'm planning a trip to Ireland next May and was looking for places to go and things to do in Dublin. Thanks for the info! Take Care.

Tommy Fegan in UP THE YARD at 20:44:33 Friday July 18 97
How are ye? Good to meet you again-if only in Cyberspace!!! send me a message-just for the hell of it

Audra Brecher in Atlanta, United States at 20:36:51 Tuesday July 15 97
I recently graduated from college in Atlanta, Georgia. I will be participating in a Work Abroad Program in Dublin as of October through the month of January. NICE IMAGERY.

Anon at 20:35:24 Thursday July 10 97

Laura Bertolo at 19:6:42 Wednesday July 9 97
I was just having a look at these sites about Ireland. Guess what! I'm coming to Dublin in a few days!!!! love, Laura

David O'Rourke in New York at 23:14:55 Friday July 4 97
Hi Garvan, I lost track of this page for a while, I will have my own homepage up in about a week, could you put a link to it when i get my URL sorted out, for about the next 5 days you can get on it at this address: www.users.interport.net/~mosca/nightown/, I look forward to hearing from you, David

Martin Leopold in Augsburg, Germany at 10:23:1 Friday July 4 97
I was just checking links on the NPU homepage. Nich to see yours, Martin

Dan Thornton in grosse Ile Michigan at 21:42:2 Thursday July 3 97
will be checking out some temple bar clubs the weekend of July 18.

bruce wright in A LOOK SEE at 6:31:15 Thursday July 3 97

Martin Crossin in At school. at 15:27:50 Wednesday July 2 97
Nice performance of PORT NA PBUCAI on River of Sound , Ronan.Thanks to Ed Harrison for getting me started , also Sean Mc Aloon , and Francie Mc Peake.

beth owens in north carolina, usa at 1:12:43 Wednesday July 2 97
will be visiting dublin and sligo in july, surfing to find info

Robin Elliott in University College Dublin at 19:35:42 Tuesday July 1 97
Found your web site through Simon Trezise's home page at TCD.

BRYAN PALMER in DUBLIN {IRELAND} at 15:0:23 Sunday June 29 97

BRYAN PALMER in DUBLIN {IRELAND} at 14:55:14 Sunday June 29 97

katrin schenk in Ithaca, NY usa at 22:57:37 Friday June 27 97
New Piper with a half set made by Tim Britton

Patel in Norway at 12:54:4 Tuesday June 24 97

Anon at 15:48:44 Friday June 20 97

Bairbre Guilfoyle in Dublin 8 at 17:43:27 Thursday June 19 97
Just checking who's tuning in!

monbel in north of france at 9:10:1 Tuesday June 17 97
i'm a begining piper,i'd like to see you in concert.

Chris Karreman in The Netherlands at 20:1:43 Monday June 16 97
The first efford of Millennium Project (called DIARY) to be found at www.wirehub.nl/~redarrow

skip o'neill in Hatfield, PA (NW of Philadelphia) at 3:50:58 Monday June 16 97
Really Garvan,-- an IRA training manual at 50 quid. I 'll wait for the paperback at $5 ! Nice job with the webpage. all the best skip

Patrick Cannady in Rochester MI at 22:52:1 Wednesday June 11 97
Just dropped in to have a look. I'm a relative beginner on the Uilleann pipes and eagerly looking for whatever info I can find about the instrument, its players, etc., especially playing tips, maintenance, and tour information. I'm very fortunate to study pipes with Al Purcell, who lives a short drive from my home in Rochester, MI. Perhaps we may get the chance to talk pipes when I visit Ireland nex year.

Peter Wulff in At present: Dublin at 20:28:56 Wednesday June 11 97
Nicely done, although I did not find a place in Dublin where Dixieland is played.

FIONA / DEAN MOORE in ireland at 14:22:11 Wednesday June 11 97
quick note to say hi from dean he is looking forward to seeing you soon had a great holliday cannot get through on fax, we have a samll pressie just so your know what you know what your missed in mallorca. looking forward to seeing you soon dean is due to go into hospital he wants to know will you come back so you can take his blood doesnt like the dr's in crumlin. regards fiona

Fredrick My Balls in school at 22:1:30 Friday June 6 97
I think that my name is stuped.

Galena Tkach-Walters in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA at 3:32:8 Friday June 6 97

Paul Halferty in Toronto, Canada at 20:0:52 Tuesday June 3 97
Great Page! I was just 'surfing the net' when I decided to type in my own last name, and this is where I landed. I will be living in Dublin soon, so I will certainly make use of this page again.

>Kevin O'Brien in Somerville MA, U.S.A. at 4:24:54 Monday May 26 97
Ronan, I had no idea that you have recorded so much. A lot of what is on this web page I've never heard of because it is not available in the U.S.A. too bad ! Some of it sounds great. I thought the piper who played in the movie "Rob Roy" was Davy Spillane that was my guess anyway I was glad to know it was you, your style is very diverse. Good job! Your old student Kevin

Kim McLaughlin in Portland Oregon at 21:46:55 Friday May 23 97
Anyone know how I can reach Alan Stivel?

Gillian O'Dowd in W Australia at 3:25:26 Friday May 23 97
Hi, I'm from Drimnagh and now live in Perth W. Australia. Hi to anyone who knows me.It's my 20th birthday today and I am juggling and singing in the office. Love to you all.

Niamh in Dublin at 12:46:26 Thursday May 22 97
Bored in work!!!

Alison Elliott in Kurri Kurri, Australia at 13:8:12 Monday May 19 97
I love everything about Ireland and can't wait to get over there, the irish are the friendliest people and sure know how to have a good time!!

Terence McKinney in Metro Detroit, USA at 11:17:38 Sunday May 18 97
Nice site...thanks for the Bloody Sunday link.(My father is from Derry.) I got "the affliction" of playing pipes 23 years ago. Piper Al Purcell (orig. of Dublin) steered me in the right direction. Hope you stop by Michigan if you're doing a tour.

CAROL FAITH in FLORIDA, USA at 1:17:27 Monday May 12 97

Christian Josť in UK at 14:16:30 Sunday May 11 97
Interested in Trad. Irish music and good trad piping in general.

Ed Garvan in Upstate NY-USA at 4:4:16 Friday May 9 97
Looking for family history and Garvan family and found this great web site to learn more about Ireland.

Jeff in Sydney, Australia at 16:54:30 Wednesday May 7 97

Joel Emter in Dickinson, North Dakota USA at 3:47:54 Tuesday May 6 97

Olivia in Tasmania, Australia at 5:38:7 Monday May 5 97
Irish accents send me wild. I love them. And one day I'm going to come to Ireland to meet some of you awesome people

Brendan McAllister in Dublin at 12:13:56 Sunday May 4 97

KePark in seoul at 10:43:59 Tuesday April 29 97

Bruce (B.C.) Childress in Gardner MA USA at 15:16:28 Monday April 28 97
Hello Ronan, Hope you remember me (from Pittsburg Tionol 1989(I think)). If you don't, that's OK. Glad to see your doing well. Very Nice page! Hope to see you around soon. Cheers, B.C.

kevin scott in california at 4:57:53 Sunday April 27 97
new to uillean piping, long time GHP'er

Travis in Texas at 4:13:56 Sunday April 27 97
cool and interesting links!

Travis in Texas at 4:13:48 Sunday April 27 97
cool and interesting links!

Travis at 4:11:51 Sunday April 27 97

Emily Sharon Russell in Springdale, Arkansas, United States at 18:49:13 Friday April 25 97
I have always wanted to come to Ireland, and my younger sister and I are coming in September of this year to search out some of our Irish ancestry. We are descendants of the Avery family. I am very pleased that this website is available.

Ken McLeod in Co Down at 0:3:59 Thursday April 24 97
I like Ronan playing slow airs especially on flat pipes but he makes that Johnny Burke set sound like a masterpiece.

Dave Bondy in London at 8:47:53 Wednesday April 23 97
Ditto the comments on the CD. Greetings from the London Piper's Club!

Earl Richardson in Lawrence, Kansas USA at 3:28:47 Wednesday April 23 97
I Love the Southwest Wind CD. Tunes played at a slower pace makes it easier to learn tunes on the pipes. I have a Kirk Lynch half set, and flat set by the late Matt Kiernan.Great web site.

Phil Sexton in Sparta NC, USA at 22:40:8 Sunday April 20 97
I have a half/set by Mark Hillmann. Love your CD's!

Todd Denman in California at 4:36:53 Saturday April 19 97
How's it goin' there Ronan? Been ages since I've seen you at a Willie Week or some other excuse to slag you and hear your fine playing. Jeez, this is looking very slick.

Terhi Kurvinen in Finland at 7:43:31 Friday April 18 97

Anon at 18:22:21 Thursday April 17 97

PATRICIA SHANAHAN in CALIFORNIA, USA at 18:52:23 Monday April 14 97

Samantha and Jessy in Rome at 23:17:22 Saturday April 12 97
I am jazz fun. We would like to know a little more about your activity and if you are coming to Italy for a performance.We have not an Email : please write back to this Email if you don't mind answering us.Thanks a lot.

Tim Nolan in Monteal, Canada at 21:47:43 Saturday April 12 97
I am a jazz bass player who studied at Mcgill University and have been playing in Montreal for close to ten years.

VASSILY KOTSONOURIS in New York at 23:36:32 Friday April 11 97
Garvan, How's it going. I'm with Daire in New York for the weekend and am surfing your Web page, Very impressive, particularly the Vertual Strawberry Beds. Brings back many memories. Hope everything is well with you. Vassily

Leonidas Anthis in Bangor, Wales at 16:55:23 Monday April 7 97
Greetings from two Greeks! Well done! Hope you will go on!

Kevyn Mattax in Oklahoma City, USA at 8:19:51 Monday April 7 97
Great Web Site! Thank you!

Nicola Filonzi in Jesi - ITALIA at 13:8:21 Sunday April 6 97

Leeanne in California, USA at 4:33:8 Sunday April 6 97
Just stoppin by to check it out! : )

Anon at 19:7:28 Friday April 4 97

Colin Scannell in Christchurch, Dublin at 11:37:21 Wednesday March 26 97
Jazzy Jazz Jammin'

Toni Sorice in LaGrange Park, IL at 20:15:38 Tuesday March 18 97
Great Site! We are off to Ireland May 22nd..... it is a surprise gift for my Irish mate's birthday -- A chance to visit his family's homeland. Since he is also a Jazz fan, we will surely make time to enjoy a Jazz spot. Thanks again for the site!

damian woodings in lincoln uk at 17:14:52 Sunday March 16 97
neat site liked the sound bite

Dianna in Orlando, Florida at 5:6:21 Sunday March 16 97

Cathie Mahon at 14:58:39 Thursday March 13 97
Thanks for the fun and very informative page. JAZZ is my fav, with the Blues a definite second. My license plate is:LOVJAZ. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Montreal, they have the JAZZFEST. It's a wonderful event, with over 200 free acts placed throughout the city. And it's a great city to visit. If you don't speak French tho, sometimes they're a little miffec. Anyway, it's the first 10 days in July. I have gone for 14 years in a row, heard some awesome tunes, and restablished some great friends. Oh on my way to work, heard Laverne Baker died a couple days ago. Remember "Tweedledee" and "Jim Baker to the Rescue"? Oh well, if ya don't, then you're just a kid cuz she was from the late 50's. Well this is my first time on the web. Hope this gets to someone out there: And wishing you "happy tunes", "fun times", and "easy listening", from, "Tina Tunes"

Claus H. Andersen in Aarhus, Denmark at 21:49:38 Monday March 10 97
Hi there! Nice site. I'll be in Dublin from the 21st to the 27th of March, someone, where do I go to listen to Jazzzzz, and where will I find a jam session? I am the teacher of a group of 12 young people age 14 to 17, we would like to meet other young people, is that you? Hope to hear from you, Claus e-mail: kraglund@post6.tele.dk

Ingmarie Wachsmuth in Bielefeld, Germany at 16:35:37 Monday March 10 97
Hello everybody... We'll come to Dublin soon (March, 28th) See ya!!!

Hal A Hill in Markham,Ontario,Canada (near Toronto) at 21:26:31 Saturday March 8 97
Interesting site, enjoyed the visit very much. Would be interested in a copy of the new Louis Stewart CD for review(see our "Picks" page on Jazz Canadiana Website http://www.idbt.com/jazzcdn). We are listing you as a link on our site by the way. Sincerely, Hal

Stan Zinberg in Toronto Canada at 5:32:43 Saturday March 8 97
We will be in Dublin on April 3 - 7 and would appreciate any information as to don't miss jazz performances during that time

Deborah Kelley-Milburn in Boston, MA USA at 23:58:2 Thursday March 6 97
Very nice site! How about putting up touring information on it??

David Quinlan in Isle of Man at 11:58:51 Thursday March 6 97
Say Hi to Brendan Doyle from me....

Anon at 7:51:1 Tuesday March 4 97

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