kevin o'donnell in youngstown,ohio,usa at 20:28:40 Wednesday February 25 98
very cool web page. my first time here. i'll be back!

kevin o'donnell in youngstown,ohio,usa at 20:28:36 Wednesday February 25 98
very cool web page. my first time here. i'll be back!

CLEVE RYNEHART in AUSTRALIA at 2:32:12 Wednesday February 25 98

CLEVE RYNEHART at 2:27:35 Wednesday February 25 98

Nae Nae in Hancock, MN at 15:44:56 Tuesday February 24 98

MEC in Alabama,U.S.A at 2:53:21 Monday February 23 98

Chris Walker in chichester at 11:33:57 Friday February 20 98
Disturbed by Boss . is there any chance that they will be published soon ? All the very best to you and yours !

Chris Walker in Chichester at 11:30:58 Friday February 20 98
Have enjoyed your playing greatly and found your talk on slow airs at Bettystown intriguing . It was one of the reasons I went , to be honest ! I was looking for news of the recordings that you mentioned in your talk .

sean donnelly in Ballyfermot Public Library at 19:45:27 Wednesday February 18 98
You leave me speechless. Hope you are well and playing away. I have avoided the sound system so far, but my luck's bound to run out sometime.

Shawn Walsh in mpls mn at 2:23:38 Wednesday February 18 98
Thanks for a wealth of info on subjects i've looking for and congrats on a really hot flexible site.....I'll be seeing you

John in Salisbury at 1:40:38 Sunday February 15 98

Martin Ryle in Richmond, Virginia at 22:10:36 Wednesday February 11 98
My trad band, The Academy of St. Boatwright on the Lake, will be in Ireland during the first ten days of July this year, and we want to set up some gigs. We are quite willing to play for our supper. We have a repertory of some 50 numbers, both traditional jazz and dixieland, including a dozen or more two-trumpet pieces from the King Oliver band. We will be delighted to send a tape of our work. Please let me know what you think are our chances of getting four or five gigs in Dublin and a couple in Galway. Thanks. Martin Ryle, Trombone

Adrian Mc Dermott in New York at 20:54:53 Wednesday February 11 98
Just browsing through, excellent site.Thanks for rekindling some old memories,not to mention making me homesick!! Slan....

Michael P. Hembree in Oklahoma at 4:55:27 Monday February 9 98
This site will create many hours of work and pleasure in my unending search of my grandparents home land.

Siol nan Gaidheal in Scotland at 20:54:10 Friday February 6 98
Excellent site, saved me hours of looking for what interests me in Ireland. Best Wishes. National Organiser. Siol nan Gaidheal (Seed of the Gael)

karin andersson in sweden at 19:2:16 Friday February 6 98

Idun B. Simrodt in Neuss/Germany at 19:16:45 Sunday February 1 98
Hey, Ronan, just learned from Mike Nigg that you will be playing some Pipes on the new Album of The Seer. GREAT STUFF!!!!!! I am the fanclub-leader (right word??)) of The Seer's Circle and will be in the Studio in Munich in two weeks. Are you perhaps interested to answer some questions for our next fanzine??? Just send me a mail!! Thanks and best regards from Idun. P.S.: Brilliant site!!!!!!

Joel Joy in Ottawa, Canada at 16:25:26 Sunday February 1 98
Asked about the pipe making back orders in North America and abroad. It seems demand exceeds supply for reputable pipe makers.

Glenn Norberg in San Luis Obispo, CA USA at 2:43:31 Saturday January 31 98
Hello, My mother-in-law, Suzanne Mc Intyre lives here in San Luis Obispo, CA and has a brother, Gay Mc Intyre, who is a jazz musician in Derry. She asked me to find any information about thim on the net. I was just browsing and bumped into you...If you can suggest any sites we would sure appreciate any leads

Raymond Hawkins in Lynchburg, Va. USA at 17:55:41 Friday January 30 98

nancy holloway in Newfoundland,Canada at 17:32:58 Friday January 30 98
I'm just surfing the net looking for info on Dublin and I came across your website. I think it might help me a little. If you know where I might get some more information quite soon would you please e-mail me the address.And I really love the website. thanx

Susan Anderson in Danville, Va at 23:41:3 Wednesday January 28 98
Very interesting site.

Sile Shigley in Madison, Wisconsin, USA at 5:9:20 Tuesday January 20 98
Goide mar ta sibh! Is brea liom e, a Ronain. Is maith libh iomanaiocht? Seo daoibh: Cumann Iomanaiocht Milwaukee (USA) Na Reivers Abu! Slan go foill, Sile

bill fox in los angeles ca at 22:32:22 Monday January 19 98
looking for county cork info but your page is interesting

Geoff Pring in Truro, Cornwall U.K. at 22:23:43 Sunday January 18 98
Searching for jazz shops, and found you. Say all the best to Richie and the guys at J.J's with a special "Hello" to Louis Stewart.They may all remember me as the ageing, bespectacled, bearded Brit that co-runs "The Gallery Jazz Club" in Falmouth, Cornwall.If any of the musicians plan a U.K. tour give me a call and we may be able to include a gig in the southwest. Hope to be back in Dublin soon. Geoff

Carol Gray in Southampton UK at 0:25:59 Saturday January 17 98
I found your page very interesting and very informative. It was good to see John Wadham's name listed. I have spent some time in John's company and what a great guy. He has been a good friend to me on my visits to Ireland last year and brilliant at crossword puzzles. I will be seeing him soon!

Shannon yandow in WILLISTON,VERMONT at 13:35:12 Friday January 16 98

Anon at 9:44:53 Wednesday January 14 98

Dave Sullivan in Toledo Ohio at 5:10:55 Wednesday January 14 98
Looking to visit Ireland in July 98. Hoping to do all of the touristy things.. Some sightseeing, some bicycling, some B & B, possibly find a sailing regatta that I could borrow or crew in a boat. Any sugggestions?? Probably traveling by myself

Darren Walls in USA at 0:16:6 Wednesday January 14 98
Nothing special to say, just browsing...nice page though

Bruce Curtis in Sunnyvale California at 4:27:37 Tuesday January 13 98
I'll be visiting Dublin end of January for work and needed general info on travel and entertainment (all work and no play makes ...). Good links, thanks.

Jennifer Angelo in Washington, DC at 1:4:31 Monday January 12 98

Douglas Greenwald in Lafayette, Louisiana at 11:56:58 Sunday January 11 98
Just clicked through from your cousin, Fiona's site. Thanks for the information. I really like Irish music. Very lively. NICE site! Visit ours at

Richard D. Katz in San Jose, California at 23:14:51 Saturday January 10 98
Greetings from sunny California :) Very nice and informative website. I am a highland and smallpipe piper looking into purchasing a half-set of uilleann pipes.I have spoken to Charles Roberts on the phone yesterday and am awaiting some literature from him. Any advice greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Huw Davies in Chepstow at 17:56:50 Wednesday January 7 98
Greetings from wet Wales!!!!

Rosaleen McGrath in Trinity, Dublin at 16:13:30 Tuesday January 6 98

Joe in America at 19:51:7 Sunday January 4 98

Anon at 16:24:59 Saturday January 3 98
theres more to ireland dan dis

jim in manchester at 16:24:12 Saturday January 3 98

Seamus Hanrahan in Naas. at 4:0:26 Saturday January 3 98
Just got Internet access; my first time to logon to a person's home page like yours. Very interesting links to other sites. I'll be back again to check them out in detail. Thanks. [PS: my first search for your site gave a dead link to].

Michael Mc Adden in OK in the us at 2:54:17 Saturday January 3 98
Put some tunes in a wave file on the site

jono lonie in 8 prosford st, ponsonby, auckland new zealand at 3:12:2 Friday January 2 98
dear ronan i saw you play in auckland in 96 and it was wonderful im interested in amplifying my pipes where close miking is not possible could you let me know what you would recommend thanks jono

>susan allan in Los Angeles, Calif. at 2:35:16 Friday January 2 98
I was fascinated with all the lore andf life at Strawberry Beds. My friend, Natalie Frayne introduced me to your page and I shall read it more seriously when I return to my maison.

Jaime Browne in In Chile at 0:46:7 Wednesday December 31 97
Im resting here ,south, south, southern than anybody

Padraic Mac Mathuna in Planet Earth at 15:14:11 Tuesday December 30 97
Have a Cool Yule and Happy New Year!!!!!!! Padraic

Anon at 21:36:56 Monday December 29 97

Wendy O'Connor in Victoria, BC Canada at 15:51:49 Sunday December 21 97
Love your site. Hope to bring my family over to Ireland next year to meet my family there. If anyone needs info on visiting Canada please let me know.

Will Flewett in Brighton, U.K. at 0:44:25 Saturday December 20 97
I'm hibernating this winter with my B set and having a break from the 'Crooked Road' and it's kind of nice to say hello like this rather than fighting across the smog in the Central in Milltown. Hope to be over next year.

Becky Gallagher in Nelsonville, Ohio, USA at 10:22:53 Wednesday December 17 97
Trying to locate breeders of Irish wolfhounds and I'm not having much luck. They seem to be and illusive group!

David Brown in Kansas City, MO at 3:2:27 Friday December 12 97
Hi, Mike! If you remember I met you at the shop in Key Largo and rented the UW camera for a week, while on my way to Key West in Oct. Anyway, we talked about used video gear and I just wanted to check in with you.

Heather Gill in Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A at 3:58:21 Monday December 8 97
Hi! Iam a college student and I am very interested in traveling to Ireland. My family has a lot of family history connected to the Irish and I would love to see where I came from so to speak. If you could E-Mail me and give me some tips on visiting Ireland on a limited budget. Thanks! Heather Gill

Heather Gill at 3:52:22 Monday December 8 97

charlie mc crystal in Omagh Co.Tyrone at 0:54:25 Monday December 8 97
Nice one Ronan, You might just remember me in the company of finbar mc laughlin and Robbie Hanna at renvyl co.clare at an annual tionoil "the three hand reel played by Robbie ? anyhow god bless and happy christmas charlie.

HARRY FAGAN in BOSTON at 22:18:37 Sunday December 7 97

patrick murphy in denver colorado at 21:56:16 Saturday December 6 97
coming back to dublin in feb

Patrick Davey in Belfast at 19:9:19 Saturday December 6 97
Great site, Ronan - keep up the good work!

m.j. parkinson in st albans herts uk at 22:45:31 Friday December 5 97
I used to drink in your pub with brendan curtis and shay donnelly.Please say helo to them for me.

didier heuline in France at 21:54:17 Friday December 5 97
I am living in the Alpes Mont Blanc,and play some U-Pipes I you are in this aera for sky or other contact me !

Patrick D'Arcy in at 22:9:13 Thursday December 4 97
I also enjoyed my visit!

Siobhan in London at 18:30:9 Thursday December 4 97

Patrick O'Donnell in Tokyo,Japan at 10:37:12 Thursday December 4 97
Enjoyed my visit!

Rachel Greiner in Canby, Oregon at 18:20:2 Wednesday December 3 97
This is an awesome website!!

Lizanne in Texas at 2:44:9 Tuesday December 2 97
I love the thought of Ireland. It must be because of my heritage or forbears.

:) in At home ! at 17:9:10 Sunday November 30 97
You should show the old photo of thatched cottages - people selling strawberries.

Joe Joyce in Hanover Va USA at 3:59:49 Sunday November 30 97
A Chara I finally have internet access. Hope you are doing well. is mise Joe

Liz@ in Dublin, Ireland. at 20:33:42 Friday November 28 97
Hi Garvan..I've finally returned for that long overdue visit. I have spent so long perusing through your site that I got carried away (as usual) and forgot what I came here for. I am searching for an interesting character from Irish Mythology perhaps you might be able to point me in the right direction re: your links? Meantime I'll try to find my own way round. The page is looking GREAT, as ever, love the way top intro bar stays put. Let me know if you come up with anything. You know where to find me! Till next time...Take care...Liz.

Jane Gill in Naas ,Ireland.!!! at 12:3:40 Friday November 28 97
Hello to Shane Mullen in Tucson Arizona. Hello from all the mad Irish in Naas Co.Kildare.

brian mitchell in Southampton UK at 20:23:5 Thursday November 27 97
left out where I'm from............

brian mitchell at 20:19:57 Thursday November 27 97
just 'joined' the web. I'm a pro jazz musician & played the Cork Fest a few years back - 1985 or 6 I think. I'd be pleased to hear from you.

Joseph michael Dillon in University of Bradford. England at 12:38:45 Thursday November 27 97

Amy M. Fields in The University of West Alabama, Livingston, Alabama 35470 at 16:30:36 Tuesday November 25 97
Just wanted to take a morning break from work and travel on my computer to a prettier place. Would love to see some pictures of Ireland

Monty in San Diego Ca at 3:26:53 Tuesday November 25 97
Will be visiting in 98 can't WAIT!!

Fionnuala in South Africa at 10:12:31 Sunday November 23 97
Well this is very impressive and well thought out....good job... Ot would be nice to hear from you.....your cousin in South Africa

Natalie Frayne in Los Angeles Ca Usa at 2:6:0 Sunday November 23 97
Thanks so much for your assistance. My great grandfather John Moore owned a pub called Anglers Rest in Strawberry Beds. I shall visit with you often Natalie

Gary Baesel in Lawndale, Calif., USA at 5:13:20 Friday November 21 97

krissie callahan in maryland, USA at 20:17:35 Wednesday November 12 97
very informative...great job...

jason in florida,america. at 4:52:13 Tuesday November 11 97
i taught your sight was great,and i cant wait to return soon.

Jason O'Connell in Oh you know... at 15:56:28 Monday November 10 97
The life of a jazz musician is for losers and bums. I don't know why I quit I could have been a contender.

Ilona Angervuo in Tampere, Finland at 11:8:14 Friday November 7 97
I liked your chatroom! I've been to Dublin 3 years ago. We visited also Galway. I loved the people, the beer and the whole culture!

maura in rome at 21:54:6 Thursday November 6 97

Kelly McDowell in Ontario, Oregon, usa at 18:36:17 Tuesday November 4 97
I was in Dublin many years ago and found good jazz down by the university. I was suprised and happy. Drank many Guiness listening and talking. A good memory that.

Kelly McDowell in Ontario, Oregon, usa at 18:34:29 Tuesday November 4 97
I was in Dublin many years ago and found good jazz down by the university. I was suprised and happy. Drank many Guiness listening and talking. A good memory that.

Ruth Orthey in Bad Honnef, Germany at 9:8:24 Sunday November 2 97
I'll visit Dublin next week.

Ilia Bobroff in Russia at 11:15:4 Friday October 31 97

George Geisler in Florida Keys, U.S.A. at 14:17:17 Thursday October 30 97
Coming to Ireland next May. Would love to have info on some jazz clubs in the Dublin area.

Anon at 17:17:57 Wednesday October 29 97

Anon at 5:6:22 Wednesday October 29 97

Richard Hart in Utah- United States at 4:48:8 Wednesday October 29 97
Enjoyed your site very much.. I am a jazz guitarist in America, with two recordings out, Opening act for the legendary Mel Torme, McCoy Tyner, Tom Scott, Alan Holdsworth these past few years. Love to come to the jazz fest someday and presently considering moving to Ireland to learn from you cats and possibly teach, perform and record a recording or two - release in the U.S. please feel free to contact me -Respectfully, Richard Hart

Tammy Rice in Tulsa, Oklahoma,U.S.A. at 3:56:17 Tuesday October 28 97
Would like to know a little history about your potaoe Famon.

Tammy Rice in Tulsa, Oklahoma,U.S.A. at 3:56:12 Tuesday October 28 97
Would like to know a little history about your potaoe Famon.

Tammy Rice in Tulsa, Oklahoma,U.S.A. at 3:56:6 Tuesday October 28 97
Would like to know a little history about your potaoe Famon.

Betty Brown in Stroud, Oklahoma, U.S. at 3:49:46 Tuesday October 28 97
Would like to Know more about the Irish Revoltion.

Dermot Toland at 22:27:40 Monday October 27 97

catrina mahon in Planet Earth, Denver, Colorado USA at 14:33:54 Monday October 27 97
Does anyone out there have info on the "Guiness Jazz Festival" currently in Cork. Additionally, for a great site see:

Erik Torp-Olsen in Norway at 13:53:32 Monday October 27 97
Nice layout on your website ! I`ve made up my mind to learn how to play the Uilleann Pipes. (-No use trying to tell me it`s too difficult,-I`m a stubborn kind of guy !!!) -Used to play the Clarinet when I was young. Now it`s the Tin-whistle that gives me joy. Wish me luck. Erik.

Louise in Dublin at 23:19:10 Sunday October 26 97
Thanks for introducing me to jazz!! and other things!!

elvina in New Mexico at 4:37:37 Wednesday October 22 97

Lyn Franklin in Ottawa Canada at 9:29:39 Tuesday October 21 97
I need each hour to be a full day to get through all you offer. so I will have to come back day after day to see that happens. thanx for all this its great.

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