Frank Byrne in Dublin at 22:6:57 Tuesday March 30 99
Any News on a Patricia Condron or a Celia Willoughby who used to live there?

allan moller in North Wales. at 17:3:18 Tuesday March 30 99
Hi Ronan! Need any good reeds? (joke). All the best,Allan Moller.

Anon at 17:25:50 Monday March 29 99

B. Frein in Germany at 12:47:47 Thursday March 25 99
Was looking for tour dates of Afro Celt Sound System and found you site. Great job... especially you big link-list with little special ie Lovecraft etc. I like!

B. Frein in Germany at 12:46:47 Thursday March 25 99
Was looking for tour dates of Afro Celt Sound System and found you site. Great job... especially you big link-list with little special ie Lovecraft etc. I like!

A. Huizinga in arizona at 0:52:6 Wednesday March 24 99

Anon at 15:23:54 Sunday March 21 99

Ciaran Adams in Jersey, C.I. , U.K. at 20:44:16 Friday March 19 99

Anita in Uppsala at 12:40:24 Friday March 19 99

Carole Moon in Just outside Dallas, Texas, USA at 20:12:10 Saturday March 13 99

frank george in Humble,Tx(Houston) at 6:49:32 Tuesday March 9 99

Anon at 6:48:47 Tuesday March 9 99

Frank George in Humble, Tx(Houston) at 6:45:43 Tuesday March 9 99
coming to Ireland on first-ever trip o2.Oct-o9.Oct.99 - first two nights will be in Dublin, and last nite too. Definitly will check out the pubs/spots on this link - expect a "fockin'" good time...soon/Frank/Bluzfrek - P.S. - any good blues clubs to check out in DUB??I will have "goodies" to trade for DUB/ Ireland blues stuff...Thanks/BF

Frank George in Humble, Tx(Houston) at 6:36:9 Tuesday March 9 99
Me wife & I arriving DUB o3.10.99 - hope to here some local jazz & blues while in Dublin...Frank/Bluzfrek

San Diego in San Diego at 18:35:4 Sunday March 7 99
We finally foud your page! Hope the house os OK.

JOHN HART in YORKSHIRE ENGLAND at 19:59:14 Thursday March 4 99

Garvan O'Gara in Wexford, Ireland at 17:13:27 Monday March 1 99
I was interested to see how many other Garvan's there were out there.

colin clarke in Worcestershire, England at 19:32:14 Saturday February 27 99
See you in May ! I'm coming over to celebrate my 50th birthday. Sounds a great place to be !!

BB Simmons in Berkeley, CA, USA at 1:23:16 Friday February 26 99
Want CD you made with Paeder O'loughlin. Will Pay. He was my teacher at Willie Clancy '98. Great web site!! An Droichead

Nuala Considine in San Diego at 6:18:10 Thursday February 25 99
Thank you very much Garvan

Nuala Considine in San Diego at 6:17:57 Thursday February 25 99
Thank you very much Garvan

Heather in Wisconsin at 19:9:11 Wednesday February 24 99

Dee Considine in New York at 20:38:15 Tuesday February 23 99

Jim Wiseman in Eindhoven, Nederlands at 18:49:27 Monday February 22 99
Don't you love Progress... nice site...keep up the good work

Jolein in spokane, Washington at 20:50:11 Friday February 19 99
Just stopping in for a little peak of the other side of the rainbow. Great webpage!

neal o hara in Jersey at 10:46:28 Saturday February 13 99
just to say hello from the island of jersey and that it was nice to see your site.i have linked to it from my homepage which is

Ronan Kilcommons in Ireland&Scotland at 0:41:19 Tuesday February 9 99
Just came across your site tonight looking good.

david hilton in seattle wa u.s at 20:56:12 Wednesday February 3 99

Andy Foertsch in florida at 17:5:56 Wednesday February 3 99

Anon at 0:32:9 Tuesday February 2 99

janet keller in norman,ok at 18:44:18 Thursday January 28 99
I love little teenagers. I just want to eat them up!

alex burke in saskatchewan canada at 5:5:10 Tuesday January 26 99

melanie martin in seattle at 4:31:1 Tuesday January 26 99

Anon at 23:27:7 Monday January 25 99

Gordon Wiegand in Maryland USA at 23:25:45 Monday January 25 99

steve mallon in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at 22:15:37 Thursday January 21 99
I am a writer in Florida working on a novel whose early chapters take place in Dublin (circa 1800). I'm always looking for new research resouces. I found several in these sites. Thanks very much...I'll keep checking back.

john doerrer in chicago at 3:39:47 Tuesday January 19 99
Coming to Dublin in late Feb. thought I'd check this out

Bimbo in Indonesia at 2:36:57 Tuesday January 12 99
Nice to meet you'r web

Philip O'Reilly in New York, USA at 1:7:50 Sunday January 10 99
Glad to see two ---- years studying ---- architecture didn't do you any ---- harm, more power to you. Slan.

don flattum in Los Angeles at 18:38:15 Saturday January 9 99
We may visit Ireland someday.

johnny nelson in oklahoma at 2:1:0 Wednesday January 6 99

George Gordon in St. Louis, Misssouri, USA at 13:9:40 Saturday December 26 98
I would like to visit Ireland someday.

YOSHIKO in Tokyo, JAPAN at 7:1:14 Monday December 14 98
I'm so glad to find this site. I have been a fan of Irish jazz. I have stayed in Dublin since last December until this summer. Hope to come back there and meet those fabulous musicians!!

Steven Newman in USA at 2:20:0 Wednesday December 9 98
I would like to visit Ireland. I am planing a trip there.

Kevin Mc Dowell in Derry City Ireland at 16:38:21 Saturday December 5 98

Barbara C. Gordon in Seattle, Washington, USA at 5:4:30 Tuesday December 1 98
My husband & I have loved your exquisite piping since first we heard it on Afro Celt Sound System. There's such an intensity to your piping, sometimes I was reminded of old Chicago blues players. Such soul! Thank you, and may we be lucky enough to hear you in person sometime.

Anon at 18:11:10 Monday November 30 98

Xenia Guthrie in Pittsburgh, PA 15212 at 17:15:39 Sunday November 29 98
I am doing a travel project and I am looking for info on things to see in Dublin I like jazz and was wondering if you had anything to interest me.

ed mcfadd in San Diego, CA, USA at 21:53:2 Wednesday November 25 98
I am planning to be in Dublin from 12/24-26 and am looking forward to it greatly.

Anon in Dublin at 17:22:17 Thursday November 19 98
Hey give me back my casserole dish!!! Like the jazz links Denise

Baby Potts at 13:54:22 Friday November 13 98
Hello Ronan and Sarah. Howarya. Any chance of a call, ever? Got B set from Andreas, excellent like you to see them. Also need reed for concert set......loads of Kisses. Baby

Crump in at 17:28:15 Thursday November 12 98
Hello Thought about Kau & Masamba as a scaled down trio - any thoughts? Love x c x PS: Where's my CD?

Sean Potts at 14:2:18 Wednesday November 11 98
Bored in work, howarya and Sarah, might you ring me some time, ever? Got B set, beautiful. Talk toya soon. Loads of kisses etc.

Philippe Varlet in Maryland, USA at 16:1:20 Sunday November 8 98
Hello Ronan. very nice site. I wish I had known your grandmother was Delia Murphy when I was producing the CD "From Galway to Dublin." I would have loved to get details on her life. I am still working on a discography of Irish 78s and could use your help there if you have some of hers (and others as well). All the best.

EvelynMarie Moriarty in Trinity College, Dublin at 19:30:8 Wednesday November 4 98

Dennis Kiick in Upland CA USA at 19:27:28 Wednesday November 4 98
Your rendering of port na bpuci on the LAMENT CD is most inspirational

Dennis Kiick at 19:25:13 Wednesday November 4 98

tony ronan in palmerstown dublin 20 at 11:45:9 Wednesday November 4 98
interesting but too short.

Brian Giesting in Cincinnati, Ohio. U.S.A at 13:26:24 Tuesday November 3 98
I had the pleasure of visiting your beautiful city this summer. Stayed in the Old School House Hostel, and saw a hurling match. The music in the local pubs as well as the landscape and hospitality of the locals is unmatched in any city I've been in the entire world! Hope to come back soon, slante!

LISA FOLEY in germany at 16:18:34 Monday November 2 98
I was just reading through some of the entries in your guest book , talk about a broad segment of the population . Anyway , good to find a little bit of dublin that I can associate to among the tangled massees of tourist trap sites !! Slan leat aguus go raibh maith agat . Lisa

Gretchen Graham in Woodstock, GA at 21:44:46 Thursday October 29 98

Gretchen Graham at 21:43:44 Thursday October 29 98

Ginda in Saarbruecken Germany at 12:12:7 Wednesday October 28 98
Hello Ronan, I'm still alive but very busy (at school again) , forgot all the tunes I once could play. All the best for you, hope to see you soon again. Ginda

giraud philippe in tocane st apre Dordogne France at 11:31:29 Wednesday October 28 98
everybody in Tocane says hello to Ronan. I hope you come back to visite us. Philippe et Hélène

John Marsh in Johnstown,Pennsylvania,USA at 18:58:58 Tuesday October 20 98
Hello, Just surfing about on the net looking for interesting sites. My ansestors came to America from Ireland.

EDDIE OBRIEN in redondo beach california at 6:57:10 Friday October 16 98
i grew up in ballyer and spent many a school day in the pheonix park and strawberrie beds fished on the liffy from the banks of bluebell caught some eel and perch and got buss i would have to say probaly the best days of my life heres to all the people from ballyer and chap and bluebell hope u get all the knonkers u need me and the boys had a great time then so thats it one more note marliyn manson sucks big fat dick he is aweirdo so get him off the first line of this guest list its a pity he has a life the fucking creep what a whackooooooo up the dubs from ballyer dublin 10

LEONARD JONES in EUGENE, OREGON at 21:10:2 Saturday October 10 98

marilyn manson in on the toilet at 4:4:49 Saturday October 10 98
play with yourself, with your finger in your ass

marilyn manson in hell at 4:2:58 Saturday October 10 98
buy my new cd you backward ass loser

pussy eater in hollywood at 3:59:40 Saturday October 10 98
spunk on my snatch makes me want to suck your love muscle

marilyn manson in san francisco at 3:57:31 Saturday October 10 98
i love myself

marilyn manson at 3:56:0 Saturday October 10 98

Steve Garvan in niwot, colorado at 0:46:24 Wednesday October 7 98

Terri in Kansas City at 5:17:38 Tuesday October 6 98
It's nice to see you made it home...Hope all is well.

Heather Sherwin in NH at 17:36:15 Monday October 5 98
Hi Paddy, hope all is well. I keep forgetting to bring your web/email address to work with me. Give us a buzz if you are planning to head to NH

michael p. concannon in HOUSTON at 10:5:43 Friday October 2 98

michael p. concannon in houston , texas at 9:45:55 Friday October 2 98

Jack Ryan in Canada at 2:56:53 Tuesday September 29 98
My son and I will be travelling to Ireland Oct 19 - 30 and hope to catch some live music events. If you have any suggestions we would sure appreciate your advice.

Keith in Rathgaaasaaar at 14:10:8 Friday September 25 98
Dont like anymore

DELANE in FT LAUDERDALE at 19:17:43 Thursday September 24 98

Ingibjörg Stefánsdóttir in Iceland at 22:55:56 Wednesday September 23 98

the glackman in clontarff at 15:28:46 Wednesday September 23 98
Greetings to Roland and Huss from my new toy I love the web page as always very sexy.Best wishes

Dana S. Lange in USA at 16:30:19 Wednesday September 16 98
Hi Garvan, I'm just killing time between classes and am checking out your Web Page. I see you have Adelea still on the first page. Ummmm. Take care and write when you can. Dana Lange

Ivan robinson in Derby UK at 20:30:36 Monday September 14 98
Garvin It is amazing who you meet up with when you ask cyberspace stupid questions. The one pint a night man

Margie Marsh in Cardiff, South Wales at 13:24:55 Saturday September 12 98
My sales team are looking for something fun and unusual to do (festivals, events, etc.) in Mid-to-Late October. For a weekend. Any suggestions?

Bob Kelley in Atlanta, Georgia USA at 0:42:32 Thursday September 10 98
My wife and I plan to visit Ireland 19Oct-4Nov. Do You have any suggestions on what to see/do. We plan to rent an auto

Kris Compton in California, USA at 6:36:8 Tuesday September 8 98
I'm visiting Dublin for the first time, later this month. Hope to hear some great music...Where do you suggest I go?

Kris Compton in California, USA at 6:33:27 Tuesday September 8 98

barry watson in south of england. at 18:14:38 Wednesday September 2 98
hi. I have made an album on harmonica with british jazz legend humphrey lyttelton as a special guest. can you help me market it please? all the best, barry watson.

Koutny guy in france at 20:47:26 Tuesday September 1 98
Hello I play upies in the vercors in france.i'm a member of a group Inishowen in state Grenoble. see by guy koutny

Brian in Montreal, Canada at 2:18:37 Saturday August 29 98
For Local Montreal Appliance, Electronic, Mechanical & Electrical Repairs---Click on the Cat.

Angie Heart in germany/nrw at 19:0:8 Wednesday August 26 98
Hi ... I´m a interessted woman, 33 jears old ... hope nice irish man write to me! hugs & kisses...

Tomas an tSioda B.A. in Belfast,I think. at 2:4:50 Wednesday August 26 98
Hello from all the Clarkes.We must meet Eamon Maguire again for some of his superior family ointment.Stay well. Over & out.

CLEVE RYNEHART in GAILLIMH, Éire at 18:39:2 Saturday August 22 98

Rex Kelly in Boston, MA, USA at 1:42:23 Sunday August 9 98
I just started playing the pipes this past January, taking lessons from Kevin O'Brien. I must say I'm hooked and will be ordering my first half set within the next few days. I went to the Willie Clancy summer school this past July and had such a wonderful time and learned alot. My roommate was Patrick D'Arcy. My one regret, if it even be one, is that I hadn't learned about this extrodinary instrument until late in life. thank you, Rex Kelly

Anon at 20:11:58 Saturday August 8 98

John Kavanagh in Perth. at 14:7:30 Friday August 7 98
Just found this page by accident. Left Dublin in Feb 1997 to come to Australia. What a place!

John Kavanagh in Western Australia at 14:1:16 Friday August 7 98
Hello Please update your web page more often August 7th 1998 How's the weather?

lee ferguson at 12:37:56 Thursday August 6 98

anita in dublin at 16:4:16 Monday August 3 98
I'm looking to get back into singing Jazz, Soul & Blues ..... My influences are Ella, Aretha, Billie, Dinah etc. My voice would have the range of Aretha and the passion of Billie. Any suggestions are appreciated. Anita.

Patrick Kelley in huntsville, alabama, USA at 13:17:5 Wednesday July 29 98
:Looking for relatives, I know a few, Great grandfather direct decendant from Ireland, John Kelley came to U.S in early 1800's his wife America Kelley. Had three sons, John Thomas, George, William, from that Unknown. Can anyone help trace them on back??? thanks

patrick kelley in huntsville, alabama at 12:54:3 Wednesday July 29 98

sean clark in new orleans at 19:42:42 Monday July 20 98
study jazz at the university of new orleans

Scottie in Atlanta, GA USA at 2:26:43 Saturday July 18 98
I'm looking for a house or other accommodation for a group holiday. Will have 12-18 people for a week. Prefer Galway Bay area or the Southwest of Ireland. Any suggestions on how to find a place?

Senan Murphy in Gosport, England at 22:6:21 Tuesday July 14 98
Have guitar will travel. I am glad to see that you are back on the old turf. I am still at the same address as I was the last time that we spoke. I would like to hear from you again soon.

;) in Glenmore. at 20:41:19 Thursday July 9 98
Thank you all for my birthday present.

Daire Browne in NYC at 20:39:2 Thursday July 9 98
I thought that Sarah never did this

Robert Buskas in California, USA at 22:0:3 Tuesday July 7 98
Can't seem to find information on getting from Shannon Airport to CardiffAirport.

Barbara in Virginina - USA at 20:35:30 Saturday July 4 98
Good site. I'm looking for events scheduled for August 1-14. Will more be posted later? Happy Independence Day from the US!

Barbara at 20:5:6 Saturday July 4 98

gail in aussie at 12:51:57 Saturday July 4 98
Was very interested to know what type of jazz was exposed on this site.

Michael Nigg in Germany at 23:40:19 Monday June 29 98
Hello Ronan , this is Mike from THE SEER.The album is finished and is going to be released on June the 29th.We`ll send you a package with CD and other stuff soon.I also will try to write you a fax.I hope the adress on this site is still the right one. We really ejnoyed the time with you and hope to hear from you again. Best wishes....THE SEER

Dennis Donnelly in Galt, Ca. 95632 USA at 22:44:17 Saturday June 27 98

Sarah Hussey at 22:49:50 Friday June 26 98
You thought that I never did this!!!!

Sarah Hussey at 22:49:21 Friday June 26 98
You thought that I never did this!!!!

Sarah Hussey at 22:49:4 Friday June 26 98
You thought that I never did this!!!!

dermot fleming in down the road at 19:27:40 Friday June 26 98
hello garvin cool site, hope mick's leg is well on the mend see you soon what about this weather

dermot fleming in down the road at 19:27:26 Friday June 26 98
hello garvin cool site, hope mick's leg is well on the mend see you soon what about this weather

Anne Mabry in Nashville, TN USA at 4:31:29 Friday June 26 98

P Jorgensen in Kansas City, Missouri, USA at 22:36:54 Thursday June 25 98
Interesting stuff. I love Dublin, but have not been to this part. I'll check it out next time.

I Crane at 15:59:56 Saturday June 20 98

Karl Liberts in adelaide, south australia at 4:53:51 Tuesday June 16 98
I've only seen ronan play once and then it was only on a borrowed video tape of cobbled together highlights of a bbc special, but what i saw was ..inspiring. now if only my pipemaker could get my pipes ready ............

Jacqueline Cantor in Phila. PA USA at 0:53:10 Monday June 15 98
I just wrote and told you all about my first upcoming trip. and my tremendous anticipation. I am free for 4 days in Dublin and am open to suggestions. I love music and theatre and see whatever Irish stuff comes to NY. Great news about The Beauty Queen. Thanks for your grand site.

jacqueline Cantor in Phila., PA USA at 0:50:48 Monday June 15 98
I am very excited about my first trip to Ireland. I have only four days in Dublin, but i can do whatever I want before i head for Limerick for two days. Then I meet my story telling group in Shannon for the next 2 weeks. What should I do in Dublin? I am an old lady, but I love music and theatre, and I want to see the real thing!! Thanks for your site; it's grand.

Anon at 11:41:48 Sunday June 14 98

TIERNA in DUNFERMLINE at 11:38:49 Sunday June 14 98

Ben Poole in Sydney Austrailia at 1:18:25 Saturday June 13 98
I am hoping to come to Ireland one day and visit Dublin.

johnena in st. john's newfoundland, canada at 12:10:20 Thursday June 11 98

Melanie Eversley in Washington, D.C., U.S.A. at 23:2:23 Wednesday June 10 98
I'm hoping to visit Dublin in the fall for the marathon. Can't wait!!

Christina in Raymond Iowa USA at 20:49:8 Wednesday June 10 98
I was just browseing through the web sights and came across this one so I thought I would drop in and see what it was about.

Allegra Sleep in Surrey, U.K. at 23:22:25 Saturday June 6 98
...browsing on thru, looking for the shit to do in Dublin.

Anon in us at 16:42:8 Friday June 5 98

kathleen at 16:41:5 Friday June 5 98

suzy farrell in suzy farrell at 6:52:4 Tuesday June 2 98
My husband & I are planning a trip to Ireland for our 30th wedding anniversary in 2001. Already excited.

Kelley Graham in Sacramento, California at 2:23:45 Tuesday June 2 98
Planning a trip to Ireland for late August early September. Both my husband and I are huge jazz fans. Glad to know about your web site.

Alice Waltz in New York at 20:57:8 Monday June 1 98
It was a great tribute...

Mona in Kirksville, Missouri at 18:38:52 Sunday May 31 98

Dian Hill at 22:44:26 Saturday May 30 98
Barbara Kelly and Dian Hill enjoying your website Barbra is from Ireland. Barbara says A Chara

Maarten Rikken in Oss Holland at 15:45:43 Tuesday May 26 98
Greetings from Margreet and me, (remember the Dutch Tionol organisers) Love the Site.

demond johnson in leggett tx. at 14:21:17 Tuesday May 26 98

edmund in dublin at 12:22:48 Tuesday May 26 98

Edmund Chadwick in dublin at 12:8:50 Tuesday May 26 98
hello edmund

Jamie in Oklahoma at 19:52:0 Monday May 25 98
I profiled you on ISCA and decided to check out your web page.... Plan to look around awile! Thanks!

Will Flewett in Brighton, U.K. at 23:13:48 Friday May 22 98
I'm enjoying exploring. If you're ever in brighton drop into the Free Butt on Sunday evenings for 'Piping Hot' - a cool D session. Best wishes.

denise castonguay in Weare, N.H. / USA at 13:52:26 Friday May 22 98
Will be traveling to Ireland this summer. My first trip overseas.

Helen Chadwick in MANCHESTER at 14:20:25 Thursday May 21 98

Jessica in Florida,United States at 14:29:8 Saturday May 16 98
pretty cool

Lauren in Boulder co. USA at 15:3:53 Friday May 15 98

Megan in USA at 16:50:43 Thursday May 14 98
I would like information on Virtual Strawberry Beds

David O'Rourke in NYC, USA at 19:47:44 Tuesday May 12 98
Garvan did you receive the email I sent you? Let me know - I hope all is well David.

Anon in va,usa at 18:32:43 Tuesday May 12 98

ce jenking at 10:6:14 Tuesday May 12 98

Anon at 19:1:0 Sunday May 10 98

Emer Burton in Cologne at 18:59:27 Sunday May 10 98
I really enjoyed your home page on the strawberry beds. Makes me feel homesick. I was last there on St. Stephen's Day. What's the name of the pub on the right hand side opposite the Liffey with a little portch (spelling?) in front?

Claire in Boston Massachusetts at 0:49:26 Thursday May 7 98
All things Irish are beautiful

Gitte Shiels in Copenhagen at 21:54:24 Wednesday May 6 98
Very helpful and loads to look at. I used to live in Ireland and find all things Irish facinating!

Gitte Shiels at 21:53:23 Wednesday May 6 98

Giorgio Visca in Turin, Piedmont, Italy at 17:44:19 Wednesday May 6 98
When are you going to come over here? We are... "piping and partly piping"

Anon at 15:2:54 Wednesday May 6 98

Anon at 15:2:45 Wednesday May 6 98

Joseph B. Ford in Little Rock,Arkansas at 12:50:8 Wednesday May 6 98
It was fun to visit Dublin !!

heather stremel in el Mexico at 15:40:16 Tuesday May 5 98
Hola Senior or seniorita! Esta de cabeza del macho sinco de mayo. Adios amigo!

RUTH LALOR in IRELAND at 13:40:51 Tuesday May 5 98

giraud in france at 12:31:25 Tuesday May 5 98
thanks for the walk around strawberry beds where our friend irene lives

Steven Jaffray in Aberdeen Scotland at 11:4:49 Tuesday May 5 98
Come and play the Lemon Tree the best live arts center in Scotland.

RAY in Dublin at 21:19:48 Sunday May 3 98
Dear Garvan,I hope you like the Steely Dan tapes! I will post you news of upcoming Dublin gogs soon. _ RAY

Sam Woodigs in Lincoln, ENGLAND at 18:51:21 Sunday May 3 98
The son, of a friend of Mr R. Browne. Who is currently staying in the residence of my family. He's a 'nice chap'

Michael S. Lipman in Baltimore MD USA at 2:57:3 Wednesday April 29 98
A very helpfull web site to future tourists

Lee Razer in Arkansas at 22:4:52 Monday April 27 98
The DUP made me do it.

Josep Berga Vayreda in Spain at 20:51:22 Sunday April 26 98
CORNAMUSAM, Festival Internacional de la Cornamusa d'Olot (Olot - SPAIN)

Declan Kidney in San Francisco at 18:12:30 Sunday April 26 98
Hows she cutting.

Brendan Doyle in Salt Lake City,but moving every couple of weeks at 19:50:48 Thursday April 23 98
Howrya,Garvan!-Brendan,here in Salt Lake City on tour with Riverdance.I Hope You're keeping well wherever you are at the moment.Drop us an e-mail and let me know. SEEYA!!!!!

Carolyn Wieland in Moscow, Russia at 18:35:4 Tuesday April 21 98
On my way to Dublin on May 1st to visit relatives I haven't seen since I was 12! Can't wait!

Doris O. Jellig in Virginia Beach at 16:58:8 Monday April 20 98
Just found you and am enjoying the links....

Patrick Feagins in Houston, Texas USA at 2:14:52 Monday April 20 98
Ireland is amazing in it's wealth - of people

Anon at 1:13:37 Thursday April 16 98
Dear Garvan Hope you have a wondrous, splendiferous, exciting, fantastic, amazing, brilliant, thrilling, and, em.... ....wondrouchshouous B I R T H D A Y and that it sets the tone for the year to come . . . .... LOTS OF LOVE ronan & sarah xxxxxx

Jennifer Storer in Adelaide 5065 south Australia at 13:0:11 Tuesday April 14 98
Will be in Dublin in June;hope to hear some jazz

Jim Wiseman in Carmel, California at 3:3:14 Monday April 13 98
Heading back to visit Dublin after being away for a year. Looking for some nice jazz and blues gigs to catch.

Anon at 0:25:59 Monday April 13 98

CHARLENE AND BRENDA LONG in KINGSTON,NEW YORK at 16:20:23 Friday April 10 98

Daire Browne in New York at 19:54:57 Thursday April 9 98
Hello Garvan!

Patsy Touhy in my house at 16:1:7 Wednesday April 8 98

Don Morgan in New Zealand at 11:25:16 Wednesday April 8 98
Nice to see so much UP stuff on the net. I am trying to learn to play them

Anon at 16:53:18 Monday April 6 98

Barney Bohanan in near Baltimore, MD, USA at 5:50:32 Saturday April 4 98
My wife and I will be in Dublin from 4/10 to 4/15. We are jazz fans. So I'm trying to find out what will be happening in jazz while we are there.

Liv & Lars in Bergen - Norway at 21:1:24 Thursday April 2 98
Stayed in Dublin during the St.Patricks Festival -98, and visited Renards Jazz Bar on 18th of March.. Had a great night. Hope soon to be back again !!!

Liv & Lars at 20:51:50 Thursday April 2 98

Liv & Lars at 20:51:49 Thursday April 2 98

David Sullivan in Toledo Ohio USA at 14:34:56 Tuesday March 31 98
I have scheduled two weeks in Ireland this July 1 to14. Trying to figure out how best to see and take in as much as possible without wearing myself out. Tenatively Arrive Dublin 7/1. Hope to race a sailboat in Blessington if I can borrow one (hint, Hint) for 7/4 & 5. Thought that I would bicycle around the Cork area. Any other suggestions???

Judy Young in little rock, arkansas, usa at 15:29:42 Monday March 30 98
sent e-mail to browne regarding my trip to wales, etc. i'm excited. i'm confused browne. are you male or female?

Judy Young in little rock, arkansas, usa at 15:29:34 Monday March 30 98
sent e-mail to browne regarding my trip to wales, etc. i'm excited. i'm confused browne. are you male or female?

Judy Young in little rock, arkansas, usa at 15:28:14 Monday March 30 98
sent e-mail to browne regarding my trip to wales, etc. i'm excited.

Tim Birr in Portland, OR at 10:4:46 Sunday March 29 98
I heard you with the Afro Celt delegation at Kell's Irish Pub in Portland, Oregon on 3/16/98 and enjoyed it so much I fought the crowds to hear you play again on St. Patrick's Day. Can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your piping...both your music and on-stage style. Have bought Afro Celt CD and am looking for more Ronan Browne recordings. I've played Highland Pipes for 31 years, but am now tinkering with low whistle and plan to look for uilleann practice set when visiting Ireland next month. Thanks so much for coming to Portland. Tim Birr, Portland, OR

Daniel Aupy in Lusk at 9:50:39 Saturday March 28 98
Hi Garvan -Nice work!!! Best regards

Rodney E. Owens in Harrisburg, Pa. at 19:54:48 Friday March 27 98
A great fan!! I enjoy your work very much. I've played the Warpipes for about 11 years. Started with the U-pipes last August. I have a 1/2 set on order from Tim Britton. Using a Childress Practice Set currently. Keep up the great playing. Hope to see you in the near future. Please add me to your mailing list if you have one: Rodney E. Owens, 2710 Banks Street, Harrisburg, PA 17103-2018, USA.

Anon at 22:35:58 Wednesday March 25 98

Anon at 22:35:50 Wednesday March 25 98

Peter Harrison in Chidlow, near Perth - Western Australia at 23:10:12 Tuesday March 24 98
The Rivers of Sound video was given to me for Christmas 1997 which featured Ronan on the pipes. It gives me goosebumps every time I watch it!!!! Excellent music.

Tracey Brown in Loyola U. Chgo, Illinois at 22:54:21 Tuesday March 24 98
I will be in Ireland on my honeymoon in August. Can anyone suggest a hotel/castle/b&b that we just can't miss! I'd love the feedback.

Anon at 7:52:12 Tuesday March 24 98

Travis Mayor in Portland, OR, USA at 7:50:16 Tuesday March 24 98
Does any Dublin jazz band play at the Cafe en Seine on Dawson st. I worked there in "95 and some jazz band always played there on Sunday nights. If anyone has a chance to piss up at the cafe, Friday and Saturday nights are brilliant. Loads of hot chicks!

brian dwyer in vermont, usa at 0:53:2 Tuesday March 24 98
I need some information on the civil war and easer uprising but I have trouble on the net. any suggestions?

Theresa Hall in Naas, Co. Kildare at 15:40:13 Monday March 23 98
Curiosity made me look.

Anon at 0:26:21 Friday March 20 98

BUTLER in UPSTATE ny at 0:25:50 Friday March 20 98

Amy Raybuck in Freedom Area Middle School PA at 15:59:12 Tuesday March 17 98
Keep on rockin' man.

Lynnette in USA at 15:58:33 Tuesday March 17 98
hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

Bill Smith in p o box 2332, Victoria, Texas 77902 USA at 14:0:16 Tuesday March 17 98
Wishing you the very best.

David Clinch in 14 Winsford Road, Catford, London, SE6 4LX at 12:37:29 Monday March 16 98
Hello Ronan I,ve seen/heard you once at the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill, London about two years ago.I enjoyed the concert very much. I also like your piece on 'River of Sound'. I have been playing pipes since 1993. Not brilliant, but I enjoy nevertheless. I have the late Ronnie Wathen's Kwisthout half set. Ronnie was a good friend and was generous with his time and encouragement. I also play bones and bodhran and a bit of low whistle. Enjoy continuing success.

Kathi in Denver,CO at 3:15:28 Friday March 13 98

Anon in Maui, Hawaii !!!! at 0:13:3 Wednesday March 11 98

Bill Smith in USA at 20:5:7 Tuesday March 10 98
A hearty greetings and best of everything to you, Sir!

Seamus in Where I always am. at 23:27:19 Monday March 9 98

Brian Bryce in Waterford, Ireland at 19:25:35 Sunday March 8 98
Love to hear about up and coming Jazz do's in either the 'Sunny south east' area, or in Dublin. Ive Got the limierick area 'sussed'. Ciao, Brian.

Paul in milwaukee, wisconsin, usa at 15:54:37 Sunday March 8 98
my wife and i are contemplating the idea of following my son july 19-20 on a university jazz band tour in dublin and UK. we are planning to lodge as close as we can to their university dorms. there is still alot of planning to do. though you might find this interesting. my wifes unforeseen health problems make this planning tentative.

S.B o Morain. in portlairge at 19:42:42 Friday March 6 98
Dia leat aris ach ca bhfuil na smeara seo??

James O'Brien Moran in Vasserfjord at 19:29:43 Friday March 6 98
Ronan I must desist from using our usual type of greeting and so I'll just say Hello! from JOBM

James O'Brien Moran in Vasserfjord at 19:29:40 Friday March 6 98
Ronan I must desist from using our usual type of greeting and so I'll just say Hello! from JOBM

James O'Brien Moran in Vasserfjord at 19:29:38 Friday March 6 98
Ronan I must desist from using our usual type of greeting and so I'll just say Hello! from JOBM

Uyen Le in San Diego at 22:39:57 Wednesday March 4 98

Tony Gallagher in Oamaru, N.Z. at 3:38:31 Wednesday March 4 98
Hello Ronan.When will you be back down this way.Any word of the new cran CD?

Nick Guyan in London at 22:38:50 Monday March 2 98
Just the ticket for planning that all inportant jolly boys outing. Any chance that you could mail me any info regarding irish music in may. Regards Nick Guyan

paddy_ keenan in uuu Su s OF a at 5:22:1 Sunday March 1 98
Hi man! Hawdi from the U S of A greetings from an auld friendly piper Hello to my darling friend of yours best wishes to both of you paddy

Larry Weintraub in Virginia Beach, VA USA at 4:15:30 Friday February 27 98
I visited Ireland in the summer of '96 with my U.S. Navy Band. While in Dublin I sat in with Clar/Saxman Paddy Cole at the Harcourt Hotel and was very impressed with his group and their playing of New Orleans style Jazz.

Larry Weintraub in Virginia Beach, VA USA at 4:15:21 Friday February 27 98
I visited Ireland in the summer of '96 with my U.S. Navy Band. While in Dublin I sat in with Clar/Saxman Paddy Cole at the Harcourt Hotel and was very impressed with his group and their playing of New Orleans style Jazz.

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