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All classes in the school are involved in this project in one way or another.



We dug the garden and made drills. We placed some seaweed between the drills.



In early March we added compost to the seaweed. We got the compost from the Monastery garden next door.

We cut some of the bigger branches from the trees on either side of the garden to let in more sunlight.

We also did a general tidy up of the area as a lot of paper etc., had blown in there.

As the nights were very frosty we decided to plant nothing until after St. Patrick’s Day.

On the 21st of March we planted potatoes, onions and rhubarb in the garden. The varieties of potatoes we used were Sharpe’s Express(early) Maris Piper, Navan and Desiree.(all late crop)

Indoor we put some beetroot and radish seed in bio-degradable pots we got from the Incredible Edibles programme.

Last year we got some plastic growing frames after collecting Tesco Tokens. We put two of these together down by the River Fergus and filled them with topsoil.

Next day we planted some garlic and lettuce plants in one of them. We also put some tyrea in place near our garden and filled them with topsoil. We got some York cabbage plants from Terence Galvin and we stuck those in a prepared bed in the garden.

We sowed lettuce, mint, carrots and rocket in containers indoor. The mint seed was the tiniest we ever saw. Like tiny black grains of sand. We used sand, compost and topsoil in the carrot containers. John Murphy brought us some chicken manure, rhubarb roots and hanging baskets for our strawberry plants.

On the 24th we planted some spinach indoor and outdoor and we used some of the chicken manure outdoor. The weather this week has been absolutely wonderful and ideal for gardening.

Finally on Friday 25th we put some lettuce seed and chives seeds in one of the outdoor frames. We also planted John Murphy’s rhubarb by the wall at the side of the garden.