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Carrigaline Photographic Society (a brief history)

As a result of a notice in the parish newsletter the Carrigaline Photographic Society was formed in Nov. 1985.

The newly formed society became a member of the Southern Association of Camera Clubs (S.A.C.C.) and the Irish Photographic Federation (I.P.F.) which is the international organising body for amateur photographers in Ireland. Despite the fact that none of the C.P.S. founding members had ever been associated with photo clubs/societies, it was generally commented within the I.P.F. that the Carrigaline group were the more progressive society within the Federation, after just a short period of membership.

Members of Carrigaline served on the national council of the I.P.F. and have organised major S.A.C.C. competitions in Carrigaline.

Over the past seven years the society has won many of the I.P.F. and S.A.C.C. provincial and national awards, while individual members were winning competitions and were awarded distinctions form the I.P.F.

However, the society was set up to promote photography as an art form. Black and White prints, Colour prints and Slides are the mediums used by society members and, to a lesser extent, audiovisuals. About 50% process and print their own work. At month intervals society members present the work for critique and, when the opportunity arises, the work is exhibited to the public.

The society membership is open to anybody over 18 years. Being a Photographic Society rather than a camera club, the emphasis is on producing photographic images. Therefore, intending members need not be concerned about expensive equipment. Also beginners are welcome and instruction is given, but most members learn from the interaction and exchange of ideas between members. Weekend field trips, and day trips, are organised, as are short lectures by society members and invited guests.

The C.P.S. at time of writing, has 20 members and we are happy to say almost equal numbers of women and men. New members are most welcome.

The society meets in St. Mary's Hall beside the Church of Ireland on the Currabinny Road, Carrigaline on the last Wednesday of each month at 8pm.

A progressive and independent minded photographic society.

Carrigaline Photographic Society
Co. Cork, Ireland

Maintained by Martin Howley