Inis Oírr



Inishere is the smallest of the Aran Islands, and is for a long time very popular with holiday makers. The strand on the sheltered north side of the island is a major tourist attraction. Being clear, safe and wide, it is ideal for swimming.

The landscape, with O'Brien's Castle and Old Tower on the hill as landmarks, is magnificent and indeed welcoming to the visitor approaching the island.

The island has had close connections with County Clare down through the years and this has influenced the life on the island culturally to some extent. The Clare coast is just six miles away and Doolin, the nearest port to the island, is nowadays the starting point for most tourists to this island.

A wealth of folklore has been collected on this island in years gone by and there are still very fine traditional singers and storytellers, especially among the old people.

Saint Caomhán is the patron saint of Inishere and Lá an Phátrúin, Caomhán's feast day, 14th June, is a special holiday on the island when Mass (attended by all) is celebrated at his church. It is also a tradition on the island to spend the previous night praying at his grave, which lies to the north of the church. The grave, known as Leaba Chaomháin or Caomhán's bed was largely covered with sand but is now cleared and roofed. It has been written that people were cured of illness here, and according to tradition St. Caomhán, has the power, when beseeched and prayed to, of calming storms at sea.












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