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The three Aran Islands are situated across the mouth of

Galway Bay about 30 miles from Galway City, less than

seven miles from thenearest point in either Co. Clare

or Connemara.


According to legend Galway Bay was once a large

lake known as Loch Lurgan which in ancient times

eroded its banks, leaving the Aran Islands forever

battling against the mighty waves of the Atlantic ocean.


THE ARAN ISLANDS are well-known and attract visitors

from all over the world; their unique culture and heritage

continue to inspire world-famous writers and artists.


The islands have become synonymous with some of the

finest writers and painters of this century, among them the

dramatist J.M.Synge and writer Liam O'Flatherty, a native

of Inishmore. Artists like Jack B Yeats, Seán Keating,

Harry Clarke and many more were frequent visitors.


The antiquities of The Aran Islands include primitive

stone fortsand dolmens,very old Christian churches and

other remains thatsurvive from early Christian times as

well as mediaeval castles.


All that, as well as scenic beauty, has helpedto attract the

attentionof film-makers, artists, writers and scholars,and

ordinary touristsdown through the years.