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New Maserati sound for GPL Cooper (Coventry) 6-13-99
Updated sound editing tools section 5-18-99
Real pit radio talk from the Jordan team added to the Real F1 section 5-15-99
Added louder skid sound for GPL 3-2-99
Great new sounds for all 5 GPL engines! 2-13-99
Added McLaren in-car and Ferrari trackside MP3 sounds to Real F1 1-28-99
New Weslake, Cosworth, & Ferrari sounds for GPL 1-23-99
Great new stereo McLaren sound for MGP 1-23-99
New stereo Renault sound for MGP 1-23-99
New layout with GPL section added 1-22-99
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Ferrari (137 Kb)

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incar1sm.jpg (5450 bytes) flag.gif (2356 bytes) Monaco Grand Prix RS2
icar_bigsm.jpg (4289 bytes) flag.gif (2356 bytes) Real F1 Sounds
ptcrewsm.jpg (5506 bytes) flag.gif (2356 bytes) Sound Editing Tools
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