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DVD: Wild Mammals of Lough Key Country

This special DVD by Peter Akokan of Foxwatch Ireland brings to life the enchanting wild animals of Lough Key country in north Roscommon.

Showing rare close-up footage of badgers, foxes, pine martens, fallow deer, pipistrelle bats, Irish hares and red squirrels, this captivating short film captures the beauty of Lough Key and its wildlife.

The Wild Mammals of Lough Key Country is the culmination of hours of filming in the Roscommon wilds where Peter patiently tracked down and recorded his subjects. Shot with a single camcorder and fully narrated, the 24-minute film presents detailed knowledge and behaviour of each mammal and is also semi-instructional on how to observe them in their natural habitat.

Order your copy today. Send a postal order for 12 made payable to Peter Akokan to:

Peter Akokan
59 Callan Grove
South Ockendon
RM15 5PW

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