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Some of the posts made on Argos alt.games.warbirds message board and the warbirds.newgroups contain some great tips and advice. Unfortunately the messages disappear over time and the information is lost. I've saved a few of the threads over the last year and have archived them on this site.

Earlier threads may contain information which does not apply to updated versions of Warbirds. I mark this information with a note where possible.

Thanks to all those who contribute.


WB: front-

Note: the above image is indeed a WarBirds "aircraft". It is the Me163 'Komet'. It was available in version WarBirds1.11 was officially "switched on" for one day (convention go-ers only) during the 1997 WB convention, and it is not currently available in any updated WarBirds version.

"All the Basic Flight Maneuvers and ACM moves etc are just about 1) maintaining your "E" state, and 2) getting the bogey in your gunsight. You learn the basics then you move on. We believe that you all know the basics. If not then get to know them real fast offline. Otherwise you'll just waste time and money even faster online."

- anonymous

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