Scalar Weapons Threaten Axis of Earth
Political Crisis Turns Up The Cold on USA
January 26, 2003


  The State of the Union: is frozen solid.

It's a high stakes game. Scalar weapons are being deployed to dump heat over Greenland and divert cold air down across the United states. A deadly dangerous game which threatens the very Axis of Earth itself. Hold your breath everybody -we have never before seen scalar weapons deployed at this level.

PREDICTION: Dateline Jan 26th, 2003. There is a chill wind blowing. Make no mistake, this is going to induce a wobble in the Earth's axis of rotation.

Not a big wobble -mind you- but a wobble nonetheless.

You simply can't get away with messing with geomagnetic magma currents inside the Earth --especially when it goes on for days-- without generating a wobble in the Earth Axis. They better get this Iraq issue sorted out very soon or there will be literally hell to pay.

The technology being used is on a different scale entirely to the space-based scalar system which was used to take down the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on 9/11. It's like the difference between a cannon and a popgun.

It's a VERY big HAARP indeed.
But it's not going to be music to anyone's ears.

The Earth is no hard-boiled egg. This is an old party trick which will give you an idea of the fluid dynamics involved in all this: Place a raw egg on a table top and spin it. Then stop the spin by quickly pressing your finger on the egg, and as quickly removing it. The egg starts to spin again. Why? The fluid inside was not stopped when you stopped the shell. That trick can be used to tell the difference between a raw and a hard boiled egg.

And those are exactly the dynamics involved in the Earth's rotation. Except for one difference. The Earth is spinning within a stasis system that involves the Sun and the operation of gravity as well as magnetics. It's a delicate balance.

But when you turn on this kind of weapon it is drawing it's energy from magma currents inside the Earth. Maybe the scalar science of all this is beyond you, but the fluid dynamics certainly is not. It's basic physics.

Mess with the magma and you mess with the spin angle of the earth. The Earth will inevitably twist to reestablish stasis.

Another illustration: Imagine a gyroscope sitting on the end of your finger spinning with it's axis at the same angle as the Earth. Now bring a strong electromagnet near the gyroscope so that it interferes with the internals of the gyroscope. The angle of the gyroscope will shift.

In exactly the same manner, the Earth will change it's angle of rotation. It's will do so, slowly, ponderously --but inevitably. The effect will be only fractional, but do you really want to mess with that angle. I don't think so!

Neither does Yuri Solomatin. In a front page article of the online edition of the Russian version Pravda he spoke about the dangers of deployment of scalar weaponry at full intensity. The kind of intensity that is being used to create the big chill in the USA. Who is doing it? Go figure.

What was the purpose of such a high-profile article on a topic that is an open secret in the top echelon of science and politics -but still unknown to the average person? Certainly it's unknown to Joe Six-pack in the USA, who doesn't even know what a Scalar Weapon is!

Yuri is the man in charge of the Committee with responsibility for the cleanup of the world's worst nuclear accident: Chernobyl.

Think about that.

Think about it some more

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