Faked Israeli Photo


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This Photo Is A
Cover-Up Fake

Supposedly a still from TV footage
taken by an Israeli astronaut while
speaking to Ariel Sharon on
satellite phone from Columbia.

Published By Israeli News Agency
Maariv To Convince You The Shuttle
Tiles Caused The Columbia Explosion

IN FACT the Columbia was destroyed
by a Star Wars weapon in the posession
of a US enemy. Remember that NASA is
a US military operation and is currently effectively AT WAR.

Concealing these first US high-profile casualties is war propaganda.
It is standard procedure to cover up
such losses --especially when so
ominous for the US-UK-ISRAELI side.

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Faking Of Israeli Photo
Betrays Columbia
CoverUp 5th Feb 2003 12:30 GMT

While mainstream media is still swallowing the party line on the Columbia disaster, has scooped other alternative news websites with the hottest story of 2003.
Heard about the "Faked Israeli Photo" which betrays the cover-up of the Columbia disaster?

It's all about the photo of a damaged shuttle wing released by Israeli news agency Maariv.
That photo is a gross fake. It's part of a
determined campaign to coverup the Star Wars scalar weaponry used to bring down
the shuttle
Columbia, and to warn the US-UK-ISRAELI Cabal of the consequences of their planned Middle-East takeover.
Judge for yourself. Right now the Smoking Gun analysis is HERE and in other stories going back to 26th January -when that incredible cold snap hit the Eastern USA. Are you getting the picture? Yep, it's Star Wars.
The same technology that altered US weather --was used to down the Columbia. Don't just take GuluFuture's word for it though: correspondence published on 1st Feb, 2003 by scalar technology guru Tom Bearden, backed that Jan 26th GuluFuture article. And the shuttle? Bearden kicks to touch on that one. It could well be, he says, and tells us how to check the metal fragments of Columbia for traces of the scalar attack:
"I do hope they also do some radioactivity tests and others (test for longitudinal EM wave radiation, which can be done with a Geiger tube), etc. If longitudinal EM wave emissions from the fragments are found, that is a 100% certain signature. If anomalous isotopes of Aluminum are found, that also is a 100% certain signature. If not, then one has to sort out (or try to) all the other phenomena etc." (Feb 3rd Correspondence)
Welcome to the 21st Century folks. You thought nuclear weapons were the worst we had to face?

A few day ago you saw the most public ever deployment of a technology of which the world is largely still blissfully unaware. At low power.

God help us if they turn up the volume on scalar technology for war purposes. The results could be calamitous.
At least that's what Yuri Solomatin warned in a few weeks ago. Who's he? Yuri is in charge of the committee cleaning up the ecological damage after Chernobyl. Have a little think about that. No, have a loooong think about that.

Even if it was a little unfair of Yuri to have pointed the finger at the USA (they are well outgunned on scalar technology), you really should read his translated article.
As to the Columbia, think of that less as an unfortunate accident and more like a warning shot across the bows of Bush and the USS Oil Cabal. No wonder NASA/MSNBC et. al. have applied wartime levels of propaganda to smother public realization of what took place.
Certain very powerful world forces may well be outmaneuvered in conventional military terms. But Columbia was a clear message to the top leadership in the US, UK and Israel: backs to the wall, others will not hesitate to turn up that volume knob.
That's what was worrying Yuri Solomatin. That's why Pravda front-paged his article. And that's why you should also read the China People's Daily from time to time. From articles like this one, you get to know what's really going on. You might also learn a lot from the three articles below.


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