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Please read the letter from our President, David Salter and the letter from our Secretary/Treasurer, Jack Killane.

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Webmaster announcement 

Tim Harding writes (March 2, 2002): A recent committee meeting decided that I would take over as temporary webmaster until a new volunteer could be found. I am happy to announce that Cathal Connolly is taking over from the May bank holiday and he will gradually replace the pages I have creatd with his own better ones. Good luck, Cathal!

Cathal Connolly writes (April 4, 2002): Thanks Tim for all your help. I would not have been able to take up this position without your guidance and support. I look forward to contributing to the development of the ICCA website.

At this stage, I don't have a general navigation scheme in place but you can reach any page in the ICCA site (which is quite large) via the table of links on the homepage.

If you are missing some information, Basil Henrick’s pages are still online for a short time longer and you can look there. You can help by sending in games and any corrections to Basil's information.

The player pages all have games that you can play through onscreen with your web browser, using Palview3 javascript, but these are laid out with i-frames which are not supported by Netscape 4 and some other older browsers. These are normal-looking pages eith an embedded frameset; the linked board stays in view and you can use the scrollbar to work through the move notation. You can play through the games by clicking the moves (including moves in the annotations) or by using the control panel beneath the board.

These marvellous pages are only possible because of the magnificent work done by Andrew Templeton and the Palview team. You can download the free Palview program and try it for yourself.

ICCA is the 32-county non-profit-making body organising correspondence chess activities for Irish players living at home or abroad. We run the national championship, Irish teams and other activities. We are affiliated to ICCF.

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