Visit the picturesque Island of Inishturk
With John V. Heanue & son
The only ferry company of Inishturk

Portdoon harbour
Contact Helen or John
TEL: (00 353) 098 - 45541

 "Caher Star" and "Lady Marilyn" will bring you safely to Inishturk where you can enjoy its dramatic landscapes.

        Caher Star (1997), 12 passengers
        Lady Marilyn (1998), 12 passengers
Caher Star
  dolphin.gif (6791 bytes) And if you are lucky, you will see some dolphins!! dolphin.gif (6791 bytes)

  Lady Marilyn


The sounds of the ocean as you explore this paradise of Flora, Fauna, Sea-life and Birdwatching
Its beautiful beaches, panoramic views of the Connemara coastline-An Artist's Haven.
The lovely ocean breezes as you walk along the cliffs and explore the island, Soak up its sense of peace and tranquility.
Its clear waters for Swimming, Canoeing or Angling
Great nightly entertainment in the Community Club

Friday to Monday Tuesday to Thursday
Inishturk Roonagh Inishturk Cleggan
10.00 am 11.00 am 9.30 am 11.00 am
  5.00 pm   6.30 pm 5.00 pm   6.00 pm
Boats on request
In winter, the times and the port of call may vary
     according to weather condition.

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