interFriend Publisher

Greetings and welcome to interFriend Publisher. I am the editor and site host for interFriend Publisher, Larry Southard.

Created in April of 1999, interFriend Publisher is an independent web site dedicated to publishing Truth as experienced by Quakers in Ireland.

"What is Truth?", Pontius Pilot asked. It’s a fair question. For Friends, finding Truth involves a life-long process in which personal experience is inwardly validated and outwardly tested.

The inward validation issues from what Friends perceive to be the leadings of God in their lives. The outward testing comes within the wider Quaker community, so that there is almost always an element of communication, of negotiation, of "working it out" in some sense with others.

The works that appear in the Library compose the heart of this web site. They attest to some of the paths taken and answers found by Friends in Ireland and elsewhere. Unless otherwise stated the views expressed are personal ones—Truth as seen by individual authors. The views are not necessarily those of interFriend Publisher or of the Religious Society of Friends in Ireland.

I hope that you find the published works useful and inspiring in your own quest for Truth.

Larry Southard