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Document Title Author Date Published

Temple Hill Sonata

Neville Keery January 2004
IYM Public Lecture 2003

Moulded By Friends

Philip Jacob June 2003
An Interview

Flooped Back!

Carl Herpels February 2002
An Article

Biological Quakerism

Jim Wingate November 2000
FWCC Triennial
Keynote Address 2000

A People Called To Listen

Simon C. Lamb July 2000
Mensaje a la Sesión Plenaria de la Junta Trienal del
Comité Mundial de Consulta de Los Amigos

Los Amigos - Un pueblo llamado a escuchar

Simón C. Lamb julio 2000
IYM 2000
Ministry & Oversight

The Changing Role of Ministry & Oversight in a New Century

Gordon Pearson, Joyce Neill,
Sue Pim,
Emma Lamb
June 2000
Book Extract

Conflict and Confrontation
in the Classroom

Sean O'Flynn and Harry Kennedy June 2000
IYM Public Lecture 2000


Janet Scott May 2000
Tongue-in-cheek Article


Maurice J. Wigham

April 2000

Biography (Chapter 2)

Denis Barritt: Cheerful Saint

Joyce Neill February 2000
A Travel Journal
(c. 60pp)

Full Circle

Gordon Kelly

December 1999
Gordon Kelly's Photos
(c.8 min. to load)


Supplied by Gordon Kelly

December 1999
Book of Poems
(c. 50pp)

Variations of Ambush
and other poems

Alan Haughton

June 1999
Discussion Paper


Marjorie Lamb

May 1999
Discussion Paper

Ministry As
Focussed Compassion

Larry Southard

May 1999
A Memoir

Tread Softly:
scenes from my life

Annelies Becker

May 1999

IYM Public Lecture 1998

Listening and Responding

Arthur G. Chapman

May 1999

Ministry & Oversight Session 1999

Without Vision
the People Perish

Richard Poole
Margareta McKenna
Marjorie Lamb

April 1999

IYM Public Lecture 1999

Reflections from a Meeting

Alan Haughton
Larry Southard
Seán O'Flynn

April 1999