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There are a lot of Edgeworths around who have been requesting family information from me ever since this site went up. I have not always been able to help due to time committments. The fact that I am not of Edgeworth descent myself hasn't helped as I haven't done any research into the family from a genealogy perspective. Since this site is becming somehting of a focal point for Edgeworths, and associated families around the world I have decided to try and add some family information to this site. There are some limitations upon what I can do, limitations imposed by my ISP and limitations imposed by my own ignorance in areas such as this. For that reason the genealogy I have, is being displayed as simple HTML pages. There are links below ot those who have supplied me with information and that information. Also there are email addresses for these people and emails for others who I know have information but I have not it in a format I can yet use. This may be remedied in future. Comments and queries are welcome. Email me here.

Frank Harrison Annette Edgeworth-Smith
Jesse Suttles(Email only) James C. Pigg(Email only)