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The following information was sent to me by Frank Harrison from Australia. Click on his name to email him. It's a little confusing as shown here. There are two families, Pakenham and Edgeworth and Frank was trying to trace their connections. Numbers show the generations, sp. is the spouse(husband or wife), an 'a' after a number indicates the child of that marriage(for example The children of no 5, Richard Edgeworth are Thomas, Mary, Margaret and Richard Lovell(he is indicated with a 6 because his children are also listed and he was married four times.))
1. Francis Edgeworth (came to Ireland 1585) sp. Jane Tuite
2. Captain John Edgeworth sp. UNKNOWN
3. Sir John Edgeworth sp. Lady Anne Bridgeman
4. Francis Edgeworth (b. 1657) sp. Mary <===***
4a. Ambrose Edgeworth
4a. Robert Edgeworth
4a. Essex Edgeworth sp. Mrs Bridgman (2nd wife, Captain John Edgeworth)
5. Richard Edgeworth (b. 1701, d. 1770) <===*** sp. Rachel Jane Lovell (m. 1732)
5a. Thomas Edgeworth
5a. Mary Edgeworth sp. Francis Fox
5a. Margaret Edgeworth sp. John Ruxton
6. Richard Lovell Edgeworth (b. 1744, d. 1817) sp. Anna Maria Elers (m. 1763, d.1773) sp. Honora Sneyd (m.1777, d.1780) sp. Elizabeth Sneyd (m.1780) sp. UNKNOWN
6a. Richard Lovell Edgeworth (b. 1764, d. 1796)
6a. Maria Edgeworth (b.1767, d.1849)
1. Sir Edward Pakenham (came to Ireland 1576) sp. UNKNOWN
2. Robert Pakenham sp. Eleanor Horsley
3. Henry Pakenham (b. 1611, d. 1691) sp. Mary Hill (d. 1665)
4. Thomas Pakenham, Prime Sergeant-at-Law sp. Mary Nelmes (m. 1673)
5. Edward Pakenham M.P. (d. 1721) sp. Margaret Bradeston <===***
6. Thomas Pakenham 1st Baron Longford (b. 1713, d.1776) sp. Elizabeth Coffee (d. 1794)
7. Edward Michael Pakenham, 2nd Baron Longford sp. Catherine Rowley
8. Thomas Pakenham, 2nd Earl of Longford sp. Georgina Emma Charlotte Lygon (m. 1817)
8. Major-General Sir Edward Michael Pakenham (b. 1778, d.1815)
8. Lieutenant-General Sir Hercules Robert Pakenham (b. 1781, d. 1850) sp. Emily (m. 1817)
8. Captain William Pakenham, R.N. (b. 1781, d. 1811)
8. Henry Pakenham, Dean of St Patricks (b. 1787, d. 1863 8. Elizabeth Pakenham
8. Catherine Sarah Dorothea Pakenham (b. 1773, d. 1831) sp. Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington (b. 1769, m. 1806, d.18520 8. Helen Pakenham
8. Caroline Pakenham
8. Penelope Pakenham
The connection between the two genealogies is as follows: 1. Mary (unmarried name unknown) <===*** 1st sp. John Bradeston (? or Bradston)
2. Margaret Bradeston <===*** sp. Edward Pakenham M.P. (d. 1721) 2nd sp. Francis Edgeworth (b. 1657)
2. Richard Edgeworth (b. 1657) <===***