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"The rod up that mans butt must have a rod up its butt!" - a very apt quote from the Simpsons!

What is wrong with this guy - Quentin Wilson? If you haven't heard of him, he's a British Motoring "Journalist" who for some reason hates the DeLorean. I don't have a problem with that, but this guy has done countless articles, reviews and tv documentaries on the car, where he tries to squeeze as many unfair, out of context, and untrue insults about the car and the man into his timeslot.

He always mananges to get the worst condition DeLoreans too! In one television documenary he did, he complained about hitting his head off the roof - but he never mentioned that the car was missing the headliners! He complains about the performance, while driving a poor condition automatic - one that looks and sounds like it hasn't been serviced in years!

On the same car, the door struts were weak, which prompted him to say "The doors never ever worked!". His next comment simply defies reason - "You could throw a cat through the panel gaps!" The insults just keep coming - "perfume on a pig" referring to the SS panels I think....although it's hard to know exactly what he's talking about at the best of times.

In a book review he once did, he said "It was pure optimism to expect one single puny gas strut to lift up the doors, it should have had 2 struts!" And again, something to the effect that the DeLoreans doors never, ever worked! Of course he never mentioned that the strut only assists the door, that the real force comes from a cyrogenically twisted torsion bar in the roof. And of course he never explained how the pictures in the same article showed a gorgeous DeLorean with perfectly balanced working gullwing doors!

On another occasion, while writing for some British Tabloid, he said he spent 3 days with a DeLorean, during which time, a multitude of things went wrong, the worst being he actually got locked into it for a few hours! This is simply not true. In fact, the total research Quentin did for this article involved meeting a few DeLorean owners in England, one of which had with him an original RHD with 165bhp and a lower final drive ratio. Of course, he never drove any of the cars, just sat in one for a photo (with his typical sneer on his face!), commented to some of the owners how nice the cars looked, and then left. He didn't even have the courage to tell them that he didn't like DeLoreans. You can imagine how surprised these owners were when they read the crap he wrote in the papers a few days later! Check out the article he wrote here:

Quentin, if you're out there, you're meant to be a journalist, so why not act like one? Are you not capable of presenting the facts in an unbiased, professional manner? I think you would probably be better at you old job (used car salesman) though I certainly wouldn't buy a car from you.

I don't care at all what Quentins personal opinions are about the car, but why does he try to pollute the minds of his readers with this crap? It's no wonder DeLorean owners all over the world often have to spend 30 minutes trying to dispell the ridiculous myths about the car to passers by who stop to chat. Keep up the good work lads!

The 2 pictures of Quentin at the top of this page were taken from the DeLorean Owners Club in England. To read their opinions on the man, visit their website at

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