Ask Me Sister

As suggested by Mr. Don Rogalski, who obviously has a lot of time on his hands...

Got something on your mind? Something you want to get off your chest? Want to rant/complain/moan/give serious GBH to the ear?

Well, you're in luck. "Ask Me Sister" allows you to say it all! Everything, anything or, dare I say, nothing!!! Feel free to vent your spleen, but go easy on the pancreas, my carpet shampooer is buggered at present...

So, what do you have to do? Click the appropriate links below and let slip the Dogs of Moan. You can also read what some other sad sap with a personality deficiency had to say recently. As a special incentive, the person who sends the most interesting rant each month will get a copy of ANY CROWDED CEILING's 1989 cassette EP, Rubber Sole, free, gratis and for nowt.

Now you can't get fairer than that, then, can yer?

Congratulations to Gary Fuller, of WA, U.S.A. Another worthy recipient of RUBBER SOLE. But who'll be next???

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