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You will recall that I recently reviewed in autoREVERSE the music of Franco Turra, a brilliant musician and songwriter from Italy. I mentioned in the review that the only obstacle preventing Franco from acquiring international fame was the fact that his songs were sung exclusively in Italian. I jokingly mentioned in the review that if he wanted someone to write Englsih lyrics for him, he should check me out. And guess what, that's just what he's done! We have agreed to work together to produce an English-language CD single, due for release in late 1998/early 1999. A friend of mine in Dublin, who co-owns a small record label, has agreed to do some promotion work in respect of the single.

Franco has sent me the backing tracks of two of his finest songs, UNA GRAN BELLA COSTANZA and BARATOLLO, and I have writtennew English lyrics to fit to the backing tracks. UNA GRAN BELLA COSTANZA will be known as CRYSTAL BALL and BARATOLLO will be known as CHOICES. Franco has done up a fabulous melody (as always...) for HERE ARE SOME WORDS. The melody required a certain re-working of the lyrics to fit. I am currently writing lyrics to Franco's finest song to date, P.I.A.N.G.O. (to be known as ANSWER ME WHY), and there are a number of other lyrics required. Looks like I'm gonna be a busy boy for a while...:-)

By the way, you should check out Franco's new CD, HO NON HO. It's rather spiffy. Contact him via my Links page. And tell him I sent yer...

Franco is now working on releasing a CD in Italian called ANCORA COMPLIMENTI. It's rather good, so it is, so check it out stat...!

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