The following comment was published in the the Mass leaflet distributed at my local church on 8 June, 1997. I publish it without further comment other than to state that I have never even contemplated having such surgical intervention.


"Yes" was Dr. Boyce's reply, bishop of Donegal(sic), to Marion Finucane's moral question on her programme of the third of April last. Some might suggest that Dr. Boyce is living in the dark ages and that he has spent too many years in Rome away from a changing Ireland where many thousands of males have exercised their state "right" to vasectomy. Others might say that self discipline in our expression of sexual love along with a sensitive knowledge of our partner's cycle is one of the great challenges of marriages today.

The Irish Bishops in their pastoral "Love is for Life", published in 1985, clearly agreed with Bishop Boyce of Donegal. Adam and Eve hid from their sin. Are we doing the same?

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