Our School's Sport's Day

The Games We Play


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Maths is better fun outside!

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School Sports Day - everyone's a wimner!

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Ciaran Maguire, winner
of Boys' Singles School
Handball League 1999

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Carmel O'Reilly, Winner of
Girls' Singles School
Handball League 1999.

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Kieran McGuire and Aishling O’ Reilly ,
winners of G.A.A Primary Schools Football
Skills Comptition pictured with
Ray McHugh , Football Coach


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Leontia Higgins,
Senior Classroom
Sports Day Winner

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Maria McGurren,
Sports Day winner
Middle Standards


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Congratulations to Fergie Muller, overall Sports Day winner and Junioe Classroom Winner 1999. Fergie is in Senior Infants.



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