All conversations must come to an end, so if you are to avoid regrets among your partners you must learn how to ease you departure. To suddenly get up and say goodbye will be sure to leave offence.


  • Pre-departure hints

You say or hear

Is that the time
Ya wouldn't have the time on you by any chance
'Tis gettin' on/late
Time don't be long passing
Time is movin' on
Have ye no home to go to?

  • On leaving

You say or hear

Be seein' ye!
I'm off now, but I'm sure to bump into ye again!
'Twas nice talking to ya
Safe home with ye
Good luck and God bless!
Be off with ye now!

  • Cheers
This word is obviously a drinking toast, but more importantly, it is an-all purpose aloha-like tool. You can use it to thank people, to greet them, and to say goodbye. Work it in liberally for departures.

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