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Someone - who prefers to remain anonymous, had to make a simple inquiry of Control Plus Ltd, the people who run clamping of parked cars in Dublin.

'I phoned them and asked for their address and all they would give is a PO Box number. I said "That's fine, but please tell me your actual address, the one you work from." Nothing doing, I could have the address of the Fines Office or their PO Box number.

'I asked if it was a State secret. Not funny! There was no way that I was going to be told. I had not been clamped and never have been, I was just inquiring. Their attitude really pissed me off so I have decided to "out" them. The clampers are based at 13 Windsor Place, off Lower Pembroke Street in Dublin 2. I used a 'reliable source', checked it two other ways and confirmed it. Time 20 minutes.

'By the way, the clampers' base is in one of those complexes with an electric gate. And their office, which is at the back of the complex, does not have their name on the door.'

Got that? 13 Windsor Place, D2.

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