Hello stranger

Yes, possessed 

If any of the following has happened to you recently, be afraid, be very afraid



Scary, innit?

If you have suffered from any of the above symptoms it is suggested that you:

  1. Contact your nearest priest.
  2. Purchase a copy of Microsoft Exorcisor (not to be confused with  Microsoft Exerciser, Microsoft Step Aerobics, Microsoft Weight Loss, Microsoft Fitness,  Microsoft Health or Microsoft In shape.)
  3. Ask the devil to leave (politely.)


The following computer brands have been prone to attacks by the Dark Lord:

  1. Viglen.
  2. Dell.
  3. Gateway 2000 (NOTE: Do not contact Gateways 2000's technical support  concerning the Devil, they will make you hold for 35 mins. and then they'll say:  "sorry, we do not support that particular peripheral.")
  4. Packard Bell.
  5. Toshiba.
  6. All Pilot palm tops
  7. Anything with a Microsoft product on it

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March, 2004