TV Training Courses run by Open Channel 
taking place at 59 Merrion Sq., Dublin 2,

 1 Foundation Course in Directing & Production 
  This course is aimed at 18 year olds and over who have little or no experience with the industry.It gives trainees an overall view of the   'Script to Screen' process, including a hands on approach. 
 2 Introduction to Directing 
  Trainees will become aware of the skills required of a television director: the elements of different programme formats: the use of    script and storyboard and how to communicate professionally with   crew and cast. 
 3 Introduction to Media Analysis 
  The message behind media texts.Trainees will learn about the authorities and controls ie. the media: how to identify different genres; how to translate codes; comments and language used and how to demonstrate how the audience take different uses from the media. 

 4 Pitching an Idea for TV - How to get your proposal taken seriously 
  On completion of this course you will know how to present your ideas properly to any TV station in a professional manner to get    them interested. 

 5 Practical TV Production - an intensive course. 
  Students will have a practical overview of the complete process of    producing television programmes from development of an idea to   delivery of the programme to the client. 

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