1. That the IRTC, or some similar body that may eventually incorporate it's functions, should be vested with powers to license community groups to broadcast Community Access Television (CAT)  programmes. 

    - The licenses issued should reflect the local, regional and national mix of community groups 

    - There should be formal participation by representatives of CAT  services - elected by the CAT groups themselves - in the regulatory process.  

    2. Community Access Television should have access to a plurality of transmission methods, to be determined by the needs of the particular groups in question. 

    - Where there are existing relay systems in operation CAT should be guaranteed transmission access. 

    - CAT should be legally empowered to own, erect and operate small independent transmitters for the communities they serve. 

    - CAT should be guaranteed access to the Teilifis na Gaeilge transmission system during off-peak periods.

  • 3. CAT should be financed through a combination of public and private investment, including in-kind institutional support. 

     - The ban on advertising for CAT should be lifted 

    - A production/post-production facility should be established as part of the capital start-up investment which would be availed of by local CAT groups 

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  • We call for the establishment of an independent and autonomous  community access television network in Ireland - with exclusive access for  non-profit community groups to a dedicated means of broadcasting,  governed by democratic principles, and subject to no editorial restrictions  other than those implied by legislation. 
  •  1. We believe that people acting through community organisations should have an open and equal right of  access to the broadcasting medium supported by  technical  advice, training and production facilities.  Community groups constitute both geographically based groups and  communities of interest.  Community Access Television must facilitate  both these groups. Therefore we are calling for: 
  • * The provision of  Community Access Television services to be vested in  non-profit community organisations 
  •  * The provision of  Community Access Television services to be regulated by  the I.R.T.C. or some similar body which would draw up and implement  guidelines based on the principles of democracy and community  empowerment. 

    * Guidelines for the creation for any structures for Community Access  Television to be drawn up by the core group of organisations active or  interested in the development of Community Television, in consultation  with community groups. 

     * Community Access Television to be resourced to support local training  initiatives and development programs. 

     * Community Access Television to facilitate greater co-operation between  educational and training institutions,  community groups, and community  access television groups.  

     2. Community Access Television requires a pluralist basis of transmission to  facilitate the needs of particular communities and community interest  groups therefore we are calling for: 

    * Access to local cable networks, local transmitters, national transmission  networks and independent means of transmission 

  • * The establishment and maintenance of core technical facilities to offer  support, advice and training in production, technical and legal matters.  

    3. Community Access Television needs access to a number of  financing  sources.  Therefore, we are calling for:  

    * Public investment in capital start-up costs 

    * Financial and in-kind contributions from cable companies and educational  and training institutions 

    * Financial and in-kind contribution from local authorities and other statutory  service providers, and local development organisations 

    * The ban on local advertising to be lifted. 


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