All advanced starfaring civilisations must take full advantage of their orbital and system space for their protection, economy and expanding populations. Below you will find a break up of the orbial and space regions belonging to a PL8 world. Planets of low population and marginal PL8 achievment or economic success will have a scaled down version.

System space is open and unpredictable. It requires patroling and the pressence of rescue stations. Refueling facilities may also exist for traffic passing through the system or between worlds within the system. Also out here woul be the private space stations of wealthy individuals or corperations and research facilities far enough from prying eyes yet close enough to insure security.

This forms the outter bounds of a planets natural jusisdiction if it shares the system with another indipentent world. Out here hazardous material storage units can be found awaiting disposal. These Hazmat facilities will usually have a solor power mass excelerator for firing their dangerous refuse into the sun for safe disposal. At the edge of jurisdiction ploice scanning and system traffic control operate from fortress stations. Police craft and customs cutters are on constant standby on these facilities. Under the protection of these stations sensor platforms scan system space and beyond forming an early warning system.

This orbital zone houses the larger space colonies upon which hi-tec factories and ship building may be found ( ships without planetry thrusters must be built in space ). Merchant houses also operate storage stations for goods awaiting transit, saving commercial berthing costs and excise duties. Those goods awaiting importation are stored in the customs bonded warehouses. Seaized illegal goods are also held here. In this area, beneath the cover of the high orbit early warning systems, the military operate their bases, retro-fitting, re-crewing and rearming their space ships aswell as manning high powered orbital defences. These stations also look after backup sensors in case of emergency or attack.

The main control center for all traffic and decisions is here in low orbit where cover from ground based defences is available. Hydroponic farms also operate here, not only producing mush needed food but tending endangered plants and testing new species of plant. A large entertainment industry operates here also with casinos and hotels common destinations for terrestrial and colonial people alike. orbital Bean stalks operate at this level. These tethered asteroids or stations support elevators from the surface capable of lifting in excess of 500 tons each time with travel times of typically 20 mins. passenger transport is also possible and popular via the Bean stalk method as cost and risk are both lesssened.