Alternity Worlds Some worlds from the Skyrig Galatlas computer. Most of these are from short sci-fi stories I have written and others from previous traveller adventures of my own creation.....and some just feel out of my head.

Alternity Starships Visit the Hanger for loads of deckplans on new and original ships for Alternity. Included you will also find the Flight Office where you can submit your own designs. I am gathering the stats for these ship as you read this and have already many more deckplans to post when I have the time.

Orbital installations A discussion of how starfaring societies structure their territorial system space and what uses they put it to. A useful referance for GMs for adventure setting ideas and game play.

Smugglers Cove Illecit goods and goings on to add spice to any campaign. Campaighs based around rouge characters can be lots of fun as it is often mmore enloyable to be infamous rather than plain boring famous.

Worlds from writings Worlds of interest from existing SF. I have read alot of sci-fi but these are some of my favourite planets taken from the books. I list them here by way of suggesting some good books you may like to read if you are already a sci-fi fan or converting from fantasy ( for a while ).

Robotics Lab Robot listings for the Alternity campign.

Alien Research Facility Some Aliens of my own creation to supliment the GALATLAS and to spice up your life .

Mercenaries and Hired Guns Organisations to oppose or join.

Computers Some simple advice on a few issues dealing with computers. it is by no means finished but when it is it shall contain info and downloads for 3D Max and other useful things.

Alternity Web Ring