Welcome to the Alternity and beyond web page. This page has just been begun and I will include upon it starship deckplens, planet information, suggestions and an adventure or two to spice up your campaign. I have been role playing for the past 15 years and have played many systems. Alternity appeals to me because it has a wide appeal and hence will have alot of players ( hopefully ). I the past SF rpg players have been in such a minority that material, continuity of product and getting players have all been big problems. Here's to a healthy future for SF rpgs.... CHEERS! // the underworld of a Alternity

Smugglers Cove

Any Universe will have an under world. The players may either be involved in this mire or be charged with cleaning it up. If involved, then I would suggest that smuggling be done in tandum with your own adventure so it will be there to generate complication or adventures at a time of your choosing. The other end ( cleaning it up ) is not very viable as long term adventures go as law enforcement does not involve free from roaming and limits the scope of your own adventure options you may wish to present. Players may however be affiliated to a cause so they may wish to intervene in certain illigal operations, or by the same stroke help out because they may be sympathisers. Either way the following may suggest adventures or subplots to adventures.

Here are some examples of goods which may be smuggled for a profit. i.e. Contraband.
Rare Animals. Rare or endangered species or just Dangerous species.
Booze. Some worlds may ban any substance abuse or there may be a blockade ( Cuban Bicardi in the U.S. for example )
Narcotics. Obvious reason or maybe not ( see below ).
Weapons. ( see below )
Wanted Criminals. This may include persecuted intellectuals. The word criminal is subjective due to what is considered legal or illegal on many different worlds.

This is a much broader catagorey than you may imagine. As GM you would be making a big mistake in running any smuggling operation on a simple profit loss scenario. The scope for adventure here is huge and the players will definitly enjoy being either Robin hoods or Cut Throats. Here are some good examples of goods in this catagorey that can be smuggles for a Profit or just the warm glow of helping somebody who needs to annialate someone else.

The Basic weapons: These include fire arms, ammunition, explosives that rebels of arms dealers may wish to get there hands on. if the players wish to become arms dealers you can set up a targey world ( maybe on the brink of revolution ) which may generate adventures.
Components: This is a very broad catagorey. The players may have to run a blockade in order to deliver components needed for space battleships ( engine parts or weaponry for example ). A modern day equivalent may be the British ban on exporting arms to Argentina, controversy was caused when it was reveled that a british company was still sending parts for battleship engines. List of Illegal narcotics and description:

Afrolick : Mild herbal weed with few noticable side effects apart from disorientation and sensation of pleasure.
COST : 3 Cr. Per Kg.

Syphastim: Telepathic drug for non telepaths. orogionaly developed as a pleasure drug the engineered effects of Syphastim are thus. The user ( a non telepath ) takes on the higher brain functions of another user ( a telepath ) who also provides the link. The initial contact is made via the non- telepath as Syphastim gives the user a tempory bust of telepathy. Practice is needed to perfect the burst control. The drug is non - addictive , but illigal on many world due to the oppertunities for abbusive and/or illegal use.
Cost : 450 Cr per dose ( 1 decagram ).